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The National Maritime Museum has one of the largest maritime collections in the world. The museum has an active policy of increasing the knowledge of this heritage and handing it down to the next generation of experts.

The National Maritime Museum is housed in 's Lands Zeemagazijn (the Arsenal). This historic building dates from 1656 and was designed by Daniel Stalpaert as a storehouse for the Admiralty of Amsterdam.

The Arsenal was built in the Golden Age, when Amsterdam was the largest port and market place in the world. Goods from all over the world could be bought right here. Today, over 350 years later, the Arsenal remains an imposing and impressive building with a great deal of character. It exudes history, making it the perfect location for The National Maritime Museum, which has been housed here since 1973.

 From its earliest days, the building has attracted tourists: the roof offered a beautiful view of the city. As time passed, not even the 2,300 foundation piles on which the Arsenal was built could prevent the building from subsiding. Buttresses (the angled 'feet' under the building) and extra ressaults (the extensions on the outside) were added to remove any risk of collapse.

In 2007 The National Maritime Museum closed its doors for a major renovation of 4 years. To become better fitted as a museum, the Arsenal needed larger halls, adjustments for the increasing number of visitors, and better climate control.

Perhaps the high point, figuratively and literally, of the renovation was the glass roofing of the inner courtyard. Its self-supporting construction is made up of thousands of pieces of glass in a metal frame. With this dazzling glass ceiling, the Open Courtyard has been given a complete new function as central square and event location.

Are you interested in visiting the National Maritime Museum? The organization of the Opening Gala Dinner can provide you with free admission tickets to the museum. Please contact Inge Klap, to request your tickets*.

*Maximum of 2 tickets per person. 




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