Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports AYOP Pavilion

Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports Pavilion

AYOP's major objective is to provide promotional support to the regional offshore industries and to promote the area's unique facilities. Over the years, Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP) has developed into a unique network organization. Our partner list not only includes many oil-and-gas, offshore wind and port-related and maritime industries, butlocal government bodies as well. This means that communication lines between the local business community and government bodies are very short, allowing for a quick and unified response to new developments.

Participants AYOP Pavilion 2017

Participating companies will be announced soon.

More information

For more information about AYOP please contact:

Ms. Yolanda Los
T: +31 (0) 652852965


Contact us or +31 (0)10 2092688
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