Amsterdome Opening Gala Dinner & Awards Show


Amsterdome, the first circular event location in the Netherlands, is an iconic, unique and inspiring building in Amsterdam.
It is the perfect place to host our annual opening event for Offshore Energy, home of energy transition.


AMSTERDOME- The story behind this iconic location

1971 | Construction at Amsterdam - Schiphol
In 1966, KLM and Fokker decided to jointly establish Amsterdome at Schiphol Center on the occasion of their 50-year jubilee and to transfer it to the National Aviation Museum Foundation.

Architect E.A. Riphagen opted for a futuristic dome as an eye-catcher. In 1971 the Netherlands had the scoop and the building was built, the first geodesic dome in Europe. For a long time, Amsterdome was also the largest aluminum dome in the world.

The entire construction was made in the United States and then shipped to Amsterdam. The more than 1,100 lozenge-shaped aluminum sheets were put together one by one. Amsterdome has a height of 24 meters and a wingspan of no less than 60 meters. In 1971, the museum opened its doors.

2003-2004 | Breaking down the building
The collection of the aviation museum continued to grow, so that over time Amsterdome became too small to show the whole collection. In 2003, the museum moved to Lelystad Airport. Amsterdome was empty at that moment. Demolition threatened the building, until a buyer bought the dome at the last moment. This saved the iconic building. In 2004, the building was completely disassembled.

2018 | Rebuilding of Amsterdome
For a long time Amsterdome was stored in 29 sea containers until it was rediscovered. In 2018 Amsterdome was rebuilt in Amsterdam according to the original design, but using modern tools and techniques. In addition, the building was upgraded to 21-century standards in terms of appearance and durability. Amsterdome is now a sustainable location for conferences and events. The event location opened the doors in November 2018 and we chose this iconic building as the new location for The Offshore Energy Opening Gala Dinner & Awards Show 2019!

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