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Go online during Offshore Energy

Within the multichannel communication environment of Offshore Energy online branding plays a major role. There are several options to bring your company to the attention within one of these online channels.

Offshore Energy App €3,995 Splash screen logo, visible when opening app.
  • Logo on every page in app
  • For one sponsor only 
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klein_Digital Branding_Wi-Fi_OE16_A_508.jpg
Wi-Fi €4,995
  • Company name as Wi-Fi password 
  • On-site signing with company logo and login details 
  • Login details and company logo in event catalogue
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Registration tool €11,995 Company logo visible in pre-registration.
  • Used by min. 20,000 people
  • Company logo on printed e-ticket
  • Company logo in confirmation e-mail
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