Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where is Offshore Energy located?

  • Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is located at:

    RAI Amsterdam
    Europaplein 24
    1078 GZ Amsterdam

  • In which halls do I find Offshore Energy?

  • Offshore Energy Exhibition takes place in halls 1, 2 and 3. There is also an outdoor display area in front of Entrance K, the main entrance.

    Offshore Energy Conference has two conference areas:

    • Amtrium
    Offshore Wind Event
    Global Gas Event
    Global Oil Event
    Marine Energy Event
    • Hall 3
    Thematic sessions
    Master Classes

  • Where can I park my car?

  • RAI Traffic Management provides parking facilities for organisers, exhibitors and visitors during events at RAI Amsterdam.

    • Easily accessible thanks to its location next to the A10 highway, please follow P-RAI 1-6
    • Mostly you park your car at a maximum of 200 metres of the entrance of your event
    • Covered car park
    Parking at the RAI complex is easy and affordable. The multi-storey car park is easily accessible thanks to its location next to the A10 highway by Exit 9 (Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt) and has 4,000 parking spaces. During large-scale events, the outside areas also become available, which expands parking capacity to 5,000 parking spaces.
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  • Where can I park my truck / lorry?

  • Vehicles taller than 1.90m will find suitable parking space available at the exhibition. Please see Parking - Lorry Parking in the RAI webshop for more information and rates.

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  • How do I buy a parking ticket? / Where do I buy a parking ticket?

  • Full-service

    • Full-service exhibitors will receive two parking permits per stand, you can pick these up at our exhibitor registration desks. Each parking permit is valid from two days before the first event day until one day after the event and can be used to access and leave the parking garage as often as required.
    • Please note that these permits act as exit tickets and you will need them to leave the car park, so please keep them safe as they will allow you unlimited access.

    • Extra parking tickets can be purchased:
      - in the RAI webshop
      - at the vending machines in the parking garages
      - at the RAI Exhibitor Services desk

    Space only

    • Space only exhibitors do not have parking permits included in their package and therefore do not receive permits at our exhibitor registration desks.
    • Parking tickets can be purchased:
      - in the RAI webshop
      - at the vending machines in the parking garages
      - at the RAI Exhibitor Services desk

    Pavilion participant

    • Please consult your pavilion host about the facilities included in your participation.

    • (Extra) parking tickets can be purchased:
      - in the RAI webshop
      - at the vending machines in the parking garages
      - at the RAI Exhibitor Services desk

  • Can I leave my car in the carpark overnight?

  • Yes, this is possible, but please note that the opening hours of the parking garages are from 07:00 to 24:00 hrs.

  • Is there a charging station for my electric car in the parking garage?

  • There are twenty charging points for electric cars in the P1 garage, twenty in the P4 garage and two in P7. Charging costs € 0.24 per kW plus the fee for use of the garage. Please note that charge points cannot be reserved.
  • What are the opening hours of the parking?

  • The opening hours of the parking garages are from 07:00 to 24:00 hrs.
  • What is the height restriction of the parking?

  • The maximum height of the P1/2/3/7 garages is 1.90 m, for the P4 garage it is 2.70 m.
  • My car is taller than 1.90m, where do I park?

  • Please follow the instructions of the RAI parking staff or refer to Parking - Lorry Parking in the RAI webshop for more information and rates.
  • Where is the First-Aid station?

  • RAI Amsterdam assists their guests with first aid posts at various positions throughout the venue.

    In case of an emergency, please call the RAI's emergency telephone number, +31 (0)20 5491234, or contact someone from the event organization, +31 (0)10 2092600.

  • Is there a prayer room available?

  • Yes, the prayer room is located at level -1 of the Elicium building at RAI Amsterdam.

    The prayer room has a washroom and two private cubicles where people of all faiths can pray or meditate in a peaceful environment. The prayer room is always open and accessible via Entrance D at level -1. The two private cubicles for prayer/meditation can be locked from the inside.
  • Is there a room available for breastfeeding?

  • Yes, RAI Amsterdam facilitates a baby care lounge. The baby care lounge is equipped with three comfortable chairs, a baby changing bench with two cushions, a playpen, a refrigerator and a sink with hot and cold water.

    Access to the baby care lounge is controlled by a key system and the room can be locked from the inside by means of a cylinder lock. The key is available from Reception D on the ground floor of the Elicium by Entrance D and must be returned after use.
  • How do I get to the venue using public transport?

    • By train:
      RAI Amsterdam has its own train station, from here it's only an 8-minute walk to the event venue. For tickets please visit or look for the service desk or vending machines at your train station. For timetables please visit, or download the 9292 app.

    • By subway:
      The brand new North/South subway brings travelers directly to RAI Amsterdam within 5 to 10 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station or the city centre. For more detailed information please visit or download the 9292 app.

  • Where is the nearest hospital?

  • The nearest hospital is:

    VU University Medical Centre
    De Boelelaan 1117
    1081 HV Amsterdam
    +31 (0)20 44 44444

  • Are there lockers available?

  • There are no lockers available at RAI Amsterdam. During Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, visitors can leave their belongings in the cloakrooms, free of charge.
  • Which restaurants are located at the event venue?

  • RAI Amsterdam has five permanent restaurants:
    • Grand Café
    • First Floor Restaurant
    • Holland Restaurant
    • Café Amsterdam
    THE ROAST ROOM is open daily from 09:00 hrs. The opening hours of the other restaurants are flexible and depend on the events and conferences taking place.

    Alongside the restaurants there are several other food & beverage concepts available throughout the building and on the exhibition floor during Offshore Energy.
  • Are there special parking spaces for less able bodied / handicapped?

  • Yes, there are several spaces reserved for the less able bodied. Click on the 'Read more' button to find a map with mention of these parking spaces.

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  • Are the halls wheelchair accessible?

  • RAI Amsterdam is accesible for people using a wheelchair. The aisles at the show floor are spacious and the surface is flat. Elevators and disability toilets are available.
  • Where is the RAI Exhibitor Services Desk?

  • The Exhibitor Services Desk is located at Entrance K, the main entrance of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference.

    At this triangular white desk you will be welcomed by RAI Exhibitor Services representatives, who can help you with all your inquiries regarding facilities provided by RAI such as electricity of catering.
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  • Where is the cloakroom located? / Where can I leave my coat?

  • The cloakrooms are located at Entrance K and Entrance L of RAI Amsterdam.

    The opening times will be announced in early 2019.

  • Is there an ATM machine at RAI Amsterdam?

  • An ATM can be found at two entrances (D and K) of RAI Amsterdam. Entrance K is the main entrance for Offshore Energy.
  • Is there a business center at RAI Amsterdam where I can copy, print and use office supplies?

  • Yes, the RAI Business Centre is located in the passage of the RAI Elicium, level -1. The business centre offers exhibitors a wide range of services such as:
    • Document printing & copying
    • Large format prints
    • Scanning
    • Laminating
    • Document binding
    • Graphic design
    • Office & IT-products

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  • Am I allowed to smoke in RAI Amsterdam?

  • No. As a result of the European tobacco legislation, RAI Amsterdam has been smoke-free since July 1st 2008. The smoking ban applies to all RAI buildings, including the catering locations and garages. Smoking is not permitted during set-up or breakdown.
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  • Where are the smoking areas?

  • Outside the entrances of RAI Amsterdam you will find smoking columns for both exhibitors and visitors.
  • Is there an age limit to visit the event?

  • No one under the age of 15 will be able to attend Offshore Energy unless they have obtained the prior written consent of the organizers.
  • Where is the nearest airport?

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located a mere 15 minutes from RAI Amsterdam whether you travel by car, train, taxi or bus. The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol website provides information including: up-to-the-minute flight information, connecting transport facilities to RAI Amsterdam and business facilities.
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