Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I register my stand personnel?

  • Stand personnel can be registered in our Exhibitors Portal. After registering, you can download the e-tickets and bring them to our exhibitors desk in RAI Amsterdam on either a print-out or a mobile device.

  • Is there a maximum of people I can register as stand personnel?

  • No, there is no maximum. Please register all your stand personnel, even if they’re only present at the event for a short period of time. Everyone needs to be registered to enter the exhibition floor.

  • What is an e-ticket?

  • An e-ticket is a digital entrance ticket. After registering your stand personnel, an e-ticket for each person becomes available for downloading in the registration tool. You need to hand over the e-tickets at our exhibitors desk at RAI Amsterdam, you can either print the tickets or show them on a mobile device.

  • I didn’t receive my e-ticket, what do I do?

  • Login to the Exhibitors Portal and enter the stand personnel registration tool. Behind the name of every registered person there is a ‘download’ button. Click on this button to download your e-ticket.

  • I lost my e-ticket, can I still attend the event?

  • Yes, you can still attend the event. You can ask the host(esses) at our desks to look you up in our registration system.

  • Where and when do I collect my exhibitor badge?

  • More information about registering stand personnel and collecting badges will be announced shortly.

  • Why do I have to wear an exhibitor badge?

    • For safety reasons, everyone attending Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is obliged to wear a badge. You will receive your badge at the registration desks at Entrance K of RAI Amsterdam.
    • Besides safety reasons, you also need an exhibitors badge to enter the exhibition floor before the exhibition opens.

  • Can I scan the e-ticket(s) from my phone / tablet?

  • Yes, it is possible to scan e-tickets from a mobile device. Please download your e-tickets before arriving at our exhibitors registration desk.

  • I lost my login details for the exhibitors portal, what do I do?

    • The login screen of the Exhibitors Portal contains a 'Password forgotton?' button you can use.

    • Issue still unresolved? Please contact our team at and we will gladly send you your login details.

  • I didn’t receive my login details for the exhibitors portal, what do I do?

    • The login details are mentioned in your booking confirmation e-mail. Please check if you have received a confirmation.

    • Issue still unresolved? Please contact our team at and we will gladly send you your login details.

  • I’m traveling from outside the EU, where can I request a visa invitation letter?

    • Are you an exhibitor / stand personnel?
      We have an invitation letter tool available in the Exhibitors Portal. With this tool you can create a customized letter which you can use for your visa application.

    • Are you a visitor / delegate?
      If you need an invitation letter for a visitor or conference delegate, please refer to our website:

  • Do I need to register agency workers as stand personnel?

  • Yes, everyone who is involved with your stand during the exhibition, needs to be registered as stand personnel in order for them to access the exhibition floor. This also applies to externally hired staff, such as photographers and hostesses.

    You can register your stand personnel in our Exhibitors Portal.

  • Can my stand personnel register as a visitor?

  • They can, but we advise not to. In order to access the exhibition floor before it opens for visitors, it is mandatory to wear an exhibitors badge.

    Besides that, it is not possible to keep track of your employee registrations using the regular registration tool. So head for our Exhibitors Portal to easily coordinate your stand personnel!
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