Bampro Marine Services B.V.

Stand 1.005

Bampro Marine is a reputable company and an innovating specialist in maritime electronics. The company is a reliable partner for her customers and suppliers for more than 45 years . This cooperation has resulted in a leading position in the market. Bampro, based in Hardinxveld-Giessendam (NL), has a long term vision and a strong and healthy financial position. We realize the importance of cooperation in order to achieve the best results possible. One of the key elements of our company is that we are constantly building on our customer and supplier relationships. They are based on trust and respect by “saying what you do and doing what you say”.

Our activities are, delivering and installing the following systems:

– Public address (PA)
– Fire detection
– Silent alarm
– Telephone
– IPTV (Info-entertainment)
– Audio / Video solutions
– Satellite tracking (TVRO & VSAT)
– Airtime
– Service