Benson Engineering Ltd.

Stand 1.329 - Dutch Marine Energy Centre

Benson Engineering Ltd. is a precision engineering company, based in Killarney in the South-West of Ireland, and serving the Engineering, Automotive, Medical, Marine and Gas industries worldwide. The company has been developing Wave Energy Devices for over ten years, particularly the ORLA (Ocean Resource Lever Action) wave pump which, driven by a point absorber buoy, captures energy in heave, surge and pitch. The ORLA wave pump has been tested at 1/50th,1/30th survival, and 1/15th scales at the Lir National Ocean Test Facility in Ireland and the wave basin at University of Plymouth. They have developed and validated numerical models of the device and with the results of the tank testing have a robust device power matrix. The company is completing further modelling through the MEA programme to evaluate the benefits of latching and mass tuning on the Annual Energy Production and LCOE of the device