Port of Brest

Stand 1.401

Port of Brest is a new terminal dedicated to large offshore wind project. Complementary to port of Lorient, a logistic hub for installation & maintenance, these 2 ports are commited to floating wind, identified as major players in the Atlantic wind energy market. Brest and Lorient ports are ideal places to develop projects : dedicated quays and industrial lots, in sheltered and accessible bays with unlimited access to the sea 24/7, with a network of specialised companies and know-how nearby. 5 of them are by our side to promote their assets at the international level: Piriou, Gisman, Quiet-Oceans, Ship as a Service and Navantia Seanergies.With the first world commercial 750 floating wind parc, 2 strategically positioned ports and a proven skilled supply chain, Brittany is your home for your floating wind projects!