DHV Turbines

Stand 1.329 - Dutch Marine Energy Centre

DHV Turbines Ltd is a Tidal Energy Turbine development company based in Glasgow, Scotland.
The unique DHV design accelerates the water flow allowing for more power to be harnessed
from a slower water speeds. Therefore, as the majority of the worlds currents are slower flows,
DHV turbines target market is much larger market than than conventional designs.
Utilising a vertical axis turbine, this simplistic design has only minimal parts which suits mass
production and can be flat packed for easy transportation and assembly. The turbine blades
are variable pitch resulting in low starting torque, increased efficiency, and reduced costs due
to smaller and easily replaceable single profile blade size.
Suitable for both both tidal streams and estuarine scenarios. We are looking to collaborate
with any interested parties for R & D, deployment, investment.