Fishflow Tidal Power B.V.

Stand 1.329 - Dutch Marine Energy Centre

The FishFlow Tidal Power (FFTP) turbine is 100% fish friendly. The turbine is unique in its shape and layout. The simple and robust design has a minimum amount of moving parts. The FFTP turbine is bidirectional and based on the principle of a screw pump. The patented shape of the impeller makes the turbine fish friendly and ensures a silent operation. Also, it will not induce cavitation and the water leaving the impeller is released in an almost straight beam. These aspects make the turbine very efficient. The impeller is mounted in a housing with a venturi construction resulting in extra energy yield. All elements are made of glass fibre reinforced vinyl ester. This results in low mainte nance costs and a long lifespan. The whole construction is a submersible buoyant box. Therefore, the turbine boxes are easy to (de-) install.