Ghent University

The Coastal Engineering Research Group of Ghent University in Belgium facilitates interdisciplinary R&D&I activities for Blue Energy, Blue Growth and Blue Economy. Our infrastructure is dedicated to international fundamental research, commercial and innovation projects, and it is fully based on an integrated approach which offers our partners one-stop shop solutions. Our services focus on: experimental scale testing at our wave and current flume, and at the new Coastal & Ocean Basin (COB); under (combined) loadings of wind, currents and waves; numerical modelling by developing state-of-the-art simulation techniques for (arrays of) ocean energy devices; field measurement campaigns offering tailored solutions; an open sea test site, the “Blue Accelerator”All of our services are combined with consultancy and with a scientific state-of-the-art approach performed by highly skilled researchers, covering different fields and various development phases of ocean renewable energy and marine engineering projects.