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HYDAC is the absolute top in hydraulics Worldwide

Innovative, flexible and focused on the best possible solution for every hydraulic challenge.
HYDAC International, with more than 10,000 employees worldwide, has been the world’s leading producer of hydraulic components and (sub-)systems for over 55 years.

HYDAC Netherlands was founded in 1993 and our organization now has more than 300 employees with offices in Helmond HQ, Drachten, Dordrecht, IJmuiden, Apeldoorn, Enschede and Soesterberg.

We are the leading specialist in complete hydraulic systems including control systems and manufacture our own hydraulic components for the offshore, dredging, aviation, mobile, civil, oil and industrial industries.

Our range of products includes filters, coolers, accumulators, valves, cylinders, sensors and manifolds. We also continuously innovate in the field of electrical control technology, magnet technology, condition monitoring and maintenance products for liquids.