Jospa has invented an unique wave-powered Tug (no fuel, no emissions, autonomous so no
costs of a crew), delivering significant bollard pull. With low capital and operating costs, it has
applications where speed is not vital. It saves costs so much it will satisfy some applications
where supply-chain adjustments would be worthwhile.
Jospa’ s ”Plastics Harvester”, our present target for development, is two such tugs, towing a
special ’beach’ that sweeps up ocean plastics debris as its first application. Each Harvester unit
can continuously sweep up to a 1km width at an optimal collection speed, with or against the
waves: by far the most efficient solution to ocean plastics clean-up. Tug and Beach being made
principally of reinforced rubber, moving largely submerged and with automatic storm defence
and re-set, it is highly survivable.