MTK+ Bearing Factory

Stand 1.251

Founded in 1987, the EMS International Group located near Brussels, the capital of Belgium and heart of Europe, has created and established the MTK+ brand in 2005. With over 30 years of experience in knowledge engineering, MTK+ carries a bearing and power transmission products assortment starting from 2 millimeters up to 8 meters in diameter and over 70,000 references.
With offices in Belgium, UK, Turkey and China, MTK+ exports to 84 countries across all continents.

MTK+ products are submitted to strict Quality control processes in our premises (soon to reach 25,000 m2) in Europe under the framework of the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification.

MTK+ sells ball and roller bearings and bearing units to industrial and automotive companies worldwide.

Our ambition is to become the preferred bearing brand of tomorrow. To achieve our Vision we have a very strong Team of enthusiastic and passionate people who are excited to live this experience and bring MTK+ to the next level.