Promotion Council North Sea Port.

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Promotion Council North Sea PortMeet – connect – promotePromotion Council North Sea Port is a non-profit organisation with over 150 participants, mainly active in the port and maritime sectors in the North Sea Port area. Our participants are companies such as stevedores, shipping agents, forwarding and transport specialists, logistic companies, cleaning companies, shipyards, towage & salvage experts and industrial production facilities. Promotion Council North Sea Port offers its participants a platform to meet, exchange information and do business. It is a business networking organisation that wants to bring everyone involved in North Sea Port together and facilitate stronger connections. By this joining of forces and the participants’ shared interest, the promotion council wants to position the cross-border seaport regionally, nationally, and internationally as an attractive portal to and from North-Western Europe. Moreover, as an optimal, congestion-free alternative to neighbouring seaports.