Stand 1.329 - Dutch Marine Energy Centre

SolarDuck’s mission is to transform the world by giving societies access to affordable renew able electricity, by delivering turnkey offshore floating solar (OFS) solutions. SolarDuck is a start-up in a new market, which is affiliated to the global renewable energy market full of well-established firms and state-owned or governed energy markets. Therefore SolarDuck has partnered with well-known companies with vast international networks and excellent techno logical capabilities assuring success. SolarDuck’s main challenge is to provide a technically and commercially attractive product for generating solar power on the sea. The Marine Energy Alliance subsidy supports SolarDuck in achieving this goal by providing support in exactly those areas. Via the subsidy, MARIN will support SolarDuck in the technical evaluation of surviving the harsh environmental conditions on the sea. DMEC will support SolarDuck with investment and funding strategy development. And INNOSEA will support SolarDuck with LCoE analysis