Tidal Flyer Ltd.

Stand 1.329 - Dutch Marine Energy Centre

Tidal Flyer is a patented Tidal energy converter that uses low to moderate flow to drive vertical
hydrofoils connected to upper and lower drive cables. There 2 No. power take-off systems for
every closed loop system.

Tidal Flyer Ltd. are seeking an Industrial Partner to assist in bringing Tidal Flyer through to
commercialisation and to develop markets for this unique, efficient technology. The selected
route to market is to pursue smaller scale tidal and river systems for use in remote off-grid
areas. Initial market studies show there is large potential across Asia, as well as some regions
within Europe and North America for these small-scale devices to provide electricity to remote

Studies undertaken by Black & Veatch and Exceedence have focused on the commercial
viability of the system and Tidal Flyer are now collaborating through MEA 1 and 2 to expand
the commercial viability for multiple system sizes