Van Gool Hef- en Hijstechniek

Stand 1.200

Van Gool Hoisting & Lifting: the heaviest load is no burden for us!
Since 1984, Van Gool Hoisting and Lifting Equipment has built up a wealth of expertise in the field of lifting and hoisting, from which you as a customer can fully benefit. We import, sell and hire a complete range of lifting and hoisting equipment, and can inspect, test and repair all your equipment for you. Thanks to our flexible organisational structure and short lines of communication, we can handle your order, inspection or enquiry quickly, and with our 24-hour service we keep any production downtime to a minimum. Our motto is not for nothing: the heaviest load is no burden for us! So whether you’re engaged in crane hire, transport, supply or offshore, at Van Gool you are at the right address for high-quality and safe (heavy) lifting and hoisting equipment.