Venus & de Waard

Stand 1.200 - 3

Venus & De Waard has been located in the Port of IJmuiden since 1945. The company specialises in, maintenance and repair, industrial services, technical support and construction in Steel and GRP for the maritime and industrial sectors.

Venus & De Waard’s work consists of milling, turning, (certified) welding, moulding, cutting, setting, construction, piping, assembly and disassembly. We also supply and assemble hydraulic systems.
Venus en de Waard Gearbox have its own division specialized for gearboxes, gearmotors as Maintenance and Overhaul.
BFF Trading BV is our own department in supplying GRP gratings and products to addition our platform and staircase construction for fast delivery and quality

Venus & De Waard is known for its flexibility in repair & maintenance and is ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 certified. We can be available 24 hours a day throughout the Netherlands.