Van der Velden Marine Systems releases new DOLPHIN XR manoeuvring system

During the Europort Maritime exhibition, which will take place from 6 until 9 November in Ahoy Rotterdam, Van der Velden® Marine Systems will release her new DOLPHIN XR manoeuvring system, for which the first orders have already been placed.

In view of the enormous success of the DOLPHIN manoeuvring system , Van der Velden® Marine Systems introduces a more environmentally friendly version: the DOLPHIN XR manoeuvring system. The R&D team of Van der Velden is constantly on the look out for new ways of using the latest technologies. Also based on the visions and experiences of our customers, we continue to work on the development of our products in order to offer optimal solutions. The latest technologies in solutions to protect the environment contributed to the development of the DOLPHIN XR manoeuvring system

The absence of grease and oil in the bearings makes the DOLPHIN XR manoeuvring system environmentally friendly. The profiles of rudders and spoilers have been adjusted. The rudder angle has slightly changed to further reduce resistance. Furthermore, the weight has decreased.

The DOLPHIN and DOLPHIN XR manoeuvring systems have been especially developed to reduce fuel consumption and resistance for inland vessels. The profile of the rudders and the special DOLPHIN spoiler contribute to this. The DOLPHIN spoiler is equipped with a special adjusted streamline body and unique spoiler-shape. A model of the new Van der Velden® DOLPHIN XR system will be exhibited at the Europort Maritime.

Besides the models of the DOLPHIN systems there will be a huge range of different products from the three divisions, like models of the HD rudder, a BARKE® rudder, the new alarm and control panels; the electro-hydraulic SP 2525 an the full hydraulic HP 6000, a marine crane, a tube and plate heat exchanger, a power pack, and the revolutionary EPS™ thruster along with a video presentation of its benefits.

The inland shipping division of Van der Velden will also promote her Safety Inspection System for manoeuvring systems. The company started with the inspections in 1988 and did the 2500th inspection in March 2007. The safety inspection and all our deliveries apply to the most stringent internal procedures and our experts make sure the hydraulics, piping and electricity are properly installed. To promote our leading position in the field of safety assessment we will raffle vouchers for free steering gear inspections during each exhibition day.

Van der Velden Industrial is the exclusive distributor for FUNKE in The Netherlands and supplier of high quality marine cranes. The product range contains industrial products, like various types of heat exchangers, and all types of hydraulic cranes. Our experienced staff is available to advise you which system suits you best. The stand of Van der Velden® Marine Systems can be found in Hal 1, number 1503.

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