Key Exhibition Sponsorship

Maximize your marketing efforts

Do you want to raise your company’s profile? Or are you looking for ways to promote particular new business activities? If so, consider sponsoring the Offshore Energy Exhibition. Offshore Energy 2017 offers two key exhibition sponsorship packages.
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Platinum Sponsor €19,495
Gold Sponsor €16,495
Logo on the Offshore Energy website
Invitation card logo*
Marketing items logo
Logo and link in email campaigns
Recognition in advertisements
Recognition in press releases
Newsflash advertisement (5 editions)**
1/2 page A4
1/4 page A4
Banner on
From contract date until the event
8 weeks
On-site signage logo recognition
Sponsor recognition in event catalogue**
Advertisement in event catalogue**
2/1 page
1/1 page
Article in event catalogue**
2/1 page
1/1 page
Conference passe-partout
4 tickets
2 tickets
Networking Event
Table of 10 / 10 tickets
4 tickets
Offshore Energy Opening Gala Dinner & Awards Show
2 tickets
Recognition in post-event marketing materials
Recognition in Offshore Energy 2017 sales & sponsorship brochure

* Applicable for sponsors booking before 31 May 2017.
** Logo/advertisement will be included on pre-event materials depending on receipt of the sponsorship
commitment, sponsor logo and advertisements prior to (printing) deadlines.

Contact us or +31 (0)10 2092688
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