Hans Casier

15:15 – 15:45 | Tuesday 29 November | The Stage | Human Capital

Chief Human Resources Officer

Although DEME’s activities originated with its core dredging business more than 140 years ago, we have broadened our portfolio substantially over the decades. Today, our activities encompass dredging, land reclamation, hydraulic engineering, services for the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors and environmental works.

Since we work in a dynamic, competitive environment worldwide, and our customers consistently demand the best possible quality of service, employees who are willing to go the extra mile are DEME’s biggest asset. Each and every one of our 5000 employees contributes to achieving success.

Working for DEME often means being involved in pioneering, innovative projects. We understand that our people – their expertise, creative thinking and sheer hard work – are the foundation for the success of our business. Innovation is vital in this business if we are to stay one step ahead. Because of this, DEME makes every effort to secure special talents that will make the difference.