Lennart van der Burg

10:00 – 11:00 | Tuesday 29 November | The Roadmap of Hydrogen

Business Development Manager Green Hydrogen

Lennart van der Burg  is hydrogen expert and as business development manager green hydrogen responsible for the hydrogen R&D development program within TNO. In 2021 only, the program contains more than 50 projects related to hydrogen production, transportation, storage and application. Lennart is leading the Power-2-Hydrogen program line of the Shared research initiative VoltaChem.  Here we work together with the industry on next generation electrolyser technology and breakthrough improvements with respect to cost, performance and upscaling.

Lennart has a strong dedication to tackle climate change and is besides TNO active as a local councillor and as a social entrepreneur on sustainable lifestyle. Lennart has over 15 year experience in the renewable energy and water technology sector and has a master degree in environmental economics and water management.