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  • 8 February 2016

    Brent oil price reached lows of $27/bbl in mid-January, but has recovered over the past two weeks to above the $30/bbl mark. Nevertheless, volatility is expected to remain as the market is yet to find a new equilibrium. So far, only modest cuts in US shale production have been realised, and global oil supply has […]

  • 28 December 2015
    Exploration & Production

    This year, the offshore oil and gas industry has had to come to terms with the worst downturn for more than a decade. With commodity prices plummeting to an eleven-year low in December, it is time to reflect on the year gone by and consider the outlook for the year to come, Douglas-Westwood, an energy […]

  • 21 November 2016

    The oil & gas industry is known for being cyclical, however, the current reality of a ‘lower for longer’ oil price has made sanctioning large offshore projects financially unviable, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, writes in its DW Monday report. Many oil majors have opted to focus on subsea well tiebacks, as the memories of any […]

  • 29 February 2016

    Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to freeze production at January levels on February 16 in the first coordinated effort to stabilise prices for 15 years. Expectations of an output cut were rife in the days leading up to the meeting in Doha, with Brent gaining 10.9% on February 12th, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, said in its […]

  • 11 July 2016

    Reducing drilling and development spend has largely been the focus of services and equipment providers in the Gulf of Mexico – with the aim of lowering costs at the most capital intensive period of asset lifecycles, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, writes in its DW Monday report. Often overlooked, Opex costs have grown in line […]

  • 4 April 2016

    Backlogs for subsea equipment manufacturers have been historically high in recent years – following record levels of subsea tree orders posted in 2013-2014, writes Douglas Westwood in its DW Monday report. The process of working through these backlogs has thus-far cushioned the market against the decline in order activity seen in 2015. However, these backlogs […]

  • 14 November 2016

    The end of one of the worst downturns in the history of oil and gas may be in sight, as OPEC’s November meeting looms large – bringing with it fresh hopes of a production cut and consequent market rebalancing said Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, in its DW Monday report. In this context, DW has […]

  • 30 May 2016

    Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) still have, despite widespread use, the potential for substantial growth with each new technological advance increasing the viability of the vessels in different sectors, especially in the oil and gas industry, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, said in its DW Monday report.  Technological advancement has driven growth in the sector and […]

  • 5 September 2016

    Offshore surveys are a necessary precursor for both oil and gas and renewable energy installations on the seafloor. However, current market conditions are forcing all parties in the supply chain to rethink their approach, said Douglas-Westwood in its DW Monday report. Douglas-Westwood (DW), an energy intelligence group, noted that surveys (oceanographic, geotechnical, geophysical, etc.) are critical particularly […]

  • 23 February 2015

    According to the United States Geological Survey, the area above the Arctic Circle holds approximately 90 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil and an estimated 1,670 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas.   Nevertheless, due to it being relatively inaccessible, Arctic oil commands the highest breakeven prices, typically ranging between $70 and […]

  • 5 October 2015

    Oil prices have stabilised in the $45-50 range over the last month, however, performances of major oilfield stocks have continued to suffer, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group wrote in its DW Monday report. According to analysis undertaken by DW, a decline of a further 8% has been seen through September, down 39% year-on-year. As E&P […]

  • 12 May 2014

    Western Europe will continue to rely on imported Russian gas into the 2020s as mature offshore provinces struggle for growth, while large-scale shale gas extraction looks increasingly unlikely in the medium term, Douglas Westwood said in its DW Monday report. Following Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine and the resulting strained diplomatic ties with the West, it […]

  • 16 March 2015
    Exploration & Production

    The global offshore accommodation market has seen significant growth over the past five years, with PoB requirements increasing by 27% between 2009 and 2014, Douglas Westwood, an energy industry intelligence group, writes in its “DW Monday” report. Although the recent oil price decline has negatively impacted the accommodation market to some extent, the affect thus […]

  • 13 April 2015

    Despite major cost reduction measures, Q1 2015 earnings for supermajors are expected to be the weakest in recent memory, Douglas Westwood, an energy intelligence group writes in its “DW Monday” report.   Operational and financial indicators for FY 2014, however, reveal that recent performance amongst the big 5 has been far from homogeneous. In short, […]

  • 26 May 2014

    Petrobras has a track record of remarkable technological achievements, including most recently exceeding 470,000b/d production in the pre-salt layer of the Santos and Campos basins offshore Brazil, Douglas-Westwood says in its DW Monday report.

  • 27 July 2015

    The subsea sector is highly consolidated with just five players servicing the $12 billion annual requirements of the global E&P community, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, has said in its DW Monday report.  DW explained that the two largest, FMC and OneSubsea, account for approximately two-thirds of the market but despite this, have shown no […]

  • 5 January 2016

    2015 was a tough year. Spending and headcounts have been slashed across the industry and the spectre of bankruptcy is an all too common concern, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, said in its latest DW Monday report.  Recent trends in commodity prices have not helped, DW noted. Late December saw Moody’s downgrade its price forecast […]

  • 19 January 2015
    Exploration & Production

    Companies in the deepwater drilling market have lost more than half of their value over the last year; Transocean, Seadrill, ENSCO and Diamond are currently priced 56% lower on average compared to January 2014 in line with the decrease in oil prices, Douglas-Westwood, an energy market intelligence company, wrote in its DW Monday report. DW […]

  • 24 August 2015

    Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, has said in its DW Monday report that Saudi Arabia has been hit hard by low global crude prices, and that with a considerable budget deficit, Saudi has been forced to begin borrowing from capital markets – $4billion in July. DW has said that the kingdom is highly reliant on […]

  • 27 June 2016

    The decision by 52% of the voters in the EU referendum last week to vote to leave the EU has had far-reaching impact across the globe. The oil and gas sector, bruised from nearly two years of low oil prices, is bracing itself for the fall out, the energy intelligence group Douglas-Westwood said in its DW […]

  • 1 February 2016

    The oil price collapse has been bad news for nearly every company involved in the industry, but one group that could actually benefit from it are specialist decommissioning companies, Douglas-Westwood, an energy intelligence group, has said in its DW Monday report.  According to Douglas-Westwood, for these companies there is an opportunity to be part of […]

  • 6 March 2017

    The announcement on the 28th February of Emas Chiyoda’s bankruptcy is the latest in a long line of vessel contractors to fall victim to the downturn since January 2015, according to Douglas-Westwood’s latest DW Monday report.  Multiple companies such as Cal Dive, Ceona, Cecon, Hercules Offshore, Harkand and Swiber have entered into administration, taking a […]