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  • 24 February 2014
    Business & Finance

    A Maersk shipping container has washed ashore near Axmouth. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) was informed that a number of containers were lost from a Maersk cargo ship as it crossed the northern stretches of the Bay of Biscay in stormy conditions on Friday 14 February. Most of the containers were empty and are […]

  • 19 July 2007

    Coastguards believe more explosives will probably have to be detonated on Friday to split a beached container ship off the Devon coast. Explosions were triggered on the MSC Napoli, off Branscombe, on Tuesday and again at 1404 BST on Wednesday.

  • 17 July 2007

    Explosives have been detonated for a second day running in the attempt to split a beached container ship in two off the east Devon coast. Smoke engulfed the rear of the MSC Napoli, off Branscombe, as the explosions were triggered at 1404 BST.

  • 9 March 2007

    An army of volunteers has been brought in to help clean-up beaches littered with debris from a grounded container ship off the Devon coast. About 100 people were recruited in advance to assist in the first public-aided operation at Seaton Beach in east Devon.

  • 19 October 2007

    Work to cut up the remains of the cargo ship MSC Napoli could still be taking place off the Devon coast as the tourist season begins in spring. The BBC has learnt that the vessel, which is grounded off east Devon, is too heavy to remove intact.

  • 28 January 2008

    Bomb disposal experts have blown up a torpedo head which was trawled up in the nets of a fishing boat off the Devon coast.

  • 28 April 2007

    Five people on a fishing boat disabled by fire 33 miles off Salcombe on the Devon coast have been rescued. Brixham Coastguard coordinated the rescue of crew members on board the Salcombe crabber Emma Jane.

  • 2 December 2007

    A sailor died after the keel snapped off a yacht, capsizing the vessel hours after it had undergone maintenance work, a Devon inquest heard today. The Max Fun 35 yacht, Hooligan V, sank off the Devon coast at Prawle Point, after its keel came off on 3 February.

  • 15 August 2007

    More than half of the competitors have pulled out of the Fastnet yacht race because of adverse weather. Some suffered damage off the Dorset and Devon coasts and by Tuesday afternoon 149 boats were forced to retire.

  • 5 November 2007

    Work is set to start on cutting up the remains of the stricken cargo ship MSC Napoli off the east Devon coast. The vessel was grounded off Sidmouth in January after it suffered storm damage sailing from Antwerp to South Africa.

  • 19 January 2007

    A stricken container ship is sheltering off the Devon coast after it was holed in the English Channel. The London-based MSC Napoli was stranded about 50 miles off the Lizard, Cornwall on Thursday.

  • 3 March 2007

    An operation to salvage more containers from a stricken container ship off the Devon coast has again been hampered by weather conditions. The 62,000-tonne MSC Napoli was grounded a mile off the Lyme Bay World Heritage Coast site on 20 January.

  • 19 January 2007

    Anti-pollution teams are on standby after a massive ship carrying potentially dangerous chemicals beached one mile off the Devon coast. The MSC Napoli, which was holed in the English Channel on Thursday, is carrying 2,394 containers.

  • 16 May 2007

    The last container has been removed from the stricken MSC Napoli off the Devon coast. The vessel was grounded off Branscombe in January and salvers have since lifted 2,300 containers off the ship.

  • 9 July 2007

    Work has begun to refloat the stricken container ship MSC Napoli, nearly six months after it was grounded off the Devon coast. A barge with winches and cranes, along with tugs and an anti-pollution vessel are at sea off Branscombe.

  • 29 January 2007

    The operation to unload more than 2,000 containers from the MSC Napoli a mile off the Devon coast is under way. Some 3,500 tonnes of oil is being pumped from the ship, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said.

  • 20 January 2007

    Coastguards and anti-pollution teams are on alert after a ship carrying potentially dangerous chemicals was beached off the Devon coast. The MSC Napoli, which was holed in storms on Thursday, was run aground following “serious structural failure”.

  • 17 July 2007

    An operation to separate a stricken cargo ship into two pieces will begin on Tuesday off the east Devon coast. Explosive cutting charges will be used to cut the deck plates on the MSC Napoli, which has been stranded off Branscombe since January.

  • 29 January 2007

    It is hoped an operation to unload more than 2,000 containers from the grounded cargo ship Napoli will begin on Monday. Two large cranes were being moved into position off the Devon coast to start removing items from the stricken ship.

  • 23 August 2007

    The remaining section of the ill-fated MSC Napoli, stranded off the East Devon coast, will be taken away in one piece. The Dutch team who have overseen the salvage operation so far have now been awarded the contract to lift the stern.

  • 18 July 2007

    Explosive charges will be used for a second time in an attempt to break up the MSC Napoli stranded off the east Devon coast. Tugs have been working to try to pull the cargo ship apart after explosions on Tuesday, but without success.

  • 3 February 2007

    An investigation is under way into how a yacht capsized off the south Devon coast, leading to the death of one of the crew. A man in his 20’s died and four other crew members were rescued from a life raft after the Hooligan Five sank on Saturday at Prawle Point near Salcombe.