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  • 7 March 2019

    ILO to make the maritime profession more attractive and accessible to young and women seafarers.

  • 14 November 2018
    Rules & Regulation

    Asia’s leading seafaring nations have greed Guidelines on the Fair Treatment of Seafarers.

  • 15 August 2016
    Business & Finance

    Algeria recently became the 79th Member State to ratify the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) with the International Labour Organization (ILO). The government of Algeria deposited the instrument of ratification of the MLC, 2006 in late July, marking another step towards worldwide ratification. The MLC, 2006 consolidates and revises the majority of the maritime labour […]

  • 11 April 2016

    The minimum wage for able seafarers recommended by the International Labour Organization (ILO) will remain at its current level of USD 614 basic pay per month until at least 2018, according to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). This follows an ILO Joint Maritime Commission (JMC) meeting held in Geneva last week, comprising representatives of […]

  • 6 April 2017
    Business & Finance

    The Government of Madagascar has faced an International Labour Organization (ILO) complaint about its treatment of 43 dockworkers who were laid off for joining a union, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) informed. The complaint has been lodged by the ITF on behalf of Madagascan Toamasina Port workers and the union SYGMMA. Steve Cotton, General Secretary of […]

  • 25 January 2012

    The Republic of the Philippines has finally ratified Convention No. 185, nine years after it was first mooted by the International Labour Organization (ILO). This now means that Filipino seamen, who represent around 25% of the labour force on merchant and other shipping ranging from general cargo and bulk freight vessels to tugboats and passenger […]

  • 14 December 2006

    With The Bahamas just recently signing on to two International Labour Organization Conventions, maritime industry professionals were assured on Wednesday that The Bahamas would continue to sign on to these conventions, which would help improve the standards of the maritime industry in The Bahamas.

  • 14 June 2013
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    A new version of Notice B from the Danish Maritime Authority, which enters into force on 1 August 2013, implements the recent provisions adopted by United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) and through EU cooperation. A new part on seafarers’ working and living conditions will, inter alia, be incorporated. Thus, Denmark implements Maritime Labour Convention […]

  • 7 April 2014
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    International Labour Organization (ILO) representatives visited the crew of the B Ladybug, a Ro-Ro ship, which has been stranded off the coast of Malta for almost a year after its owner went bankrupt. The provision of financial security for abandoned seafarers and the issue of compensation are two key topics under discussion this week at […]

  • 23 January 2014
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    The specialized port of “Oktyabrsk”, Ukraine hosted a meeting last week of the initiative group of companies serving ships with foreign sailors. The topic of the meeting was membership in the Convention of the International Labour Organization (ILO 2006) “On Maritime Labor”. The event was attended by the heads of four Ukrainian ports and many […]

  • 27 July 2016

    International Labour Organization (ILO) member states have confirmed the amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention ensuring better protection to seafarers and their families in case of abandonment, death, and long-term disability. The Amendments to the Code of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006), which were adopted in 2014, will enter into force on January 18, […]

  • 2 April 2012
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      Allseas Marine SA announced that its Bulk Carrier, MV Kind Seas, has been certified from Germanischer Lloyd on behalf of Marshall Islands as meeting the new ILO MLC 2006 Convention requirements. The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 provides protection at work for the world’s seafarers. It sets out seafarers’ rights to decent conditions of work […]

  • 22 June 2017

    Economic stability and sustainable development can be driven by an integrated approach to the maritime sector, including ports, maritime security and facilitation of maritime traffic, according to Chris Trelawny, Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on Maritime Security and Facilitation, IMO.  Joined-up government policies covering the whole of the maritime sector are critical for the port sector […]

  • 7 August 2013

    The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC) has been ratified by the UK. This new International Labour Organization (ILO) convention consolidates and updates more than 68 international labour standards in the maritime sector. It sets minimum global standards for seafarers living and working conditions. It also reflects the valuable contribution of the ILO to global employment […]

  • 20 June 2013
    Business & Finance

    The Danish Maritime has chosen to have its two inspection vessels certified in connection with Denmark’s implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention. Thus, the Danish Maritime Authority meets the new requirements for seafarers’ conditions of work. The two inspection vessels JENS SØRENSEN and POUL LØWENØRN are now being certified just as all other ships. The […]

  • 25 June 2013

    As the world celebrates the Day of the Seafarer today (June 25), the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) urges seafarers to pay keen attention to the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006. With just a few weeks to go before the International Labour Organization’s “Bill of Rights” for seafarers comes into effect, Jamaica […]

  • 28 February 2014
    Business & Finance

    A Subcommittee of the Joint Maritime Commission (JMC) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) has agreed on a Resolution raising the minimum monthly basic wage figure for able seafarers from US$585 to US$592, as of 1 January 2015 and US$614, as of 1 January 2016. The mechanism for setting the minimum monthly wage for able […]

  • 12 June 2020
    Business & Finance

    The Offshore Industry Group is urging the UK Government to exempt all offshore energy sector workers from the recently introduced 14-day quarantine restrictions. The group, comprising IADC, IAGC, IMCA, IOGP and ISOA, is calling upon governments to recognize offshore energy sector workers as “key workers”. This allows regular crew movements during mobilization and demobilization and […]

  • 12 April 2013
    Business & Finance

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) has received the 30th ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) fulfilling the last condition for the first global standard that spans continents and oceans to go into effect on August 20, 2013. The new labour standard consolidates and updates more than 63 international labour standards related to […]

  • 2 August 2013
    Business & Finance

    Shipping industry “big hitters” will be out in force for this year’s ICS Shipping Conference, being held by the International Chamber of Shipping at the British Library, London, on Wednesday September 11. Proceedings will be overseen by ICS Chairman, Masamichi Morooka. This year’s ICS event is being held in conjunction with the inaugural London International […]

  • 23 July 2014

    Ireland and Belize have ratified International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006. This means that from July 8, 2015 and July 21, 2015, Belize and Ireland respectively will be parties to the Convention and will implement the requirements contained therein, both for ships sailing under their flags, and for international ships calling at their ports.   […]

  • 13 April 2017
    Business & Finance

    Cook Strait passenger ferry Straitsman has become the first New Zealand ship certified under the international Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). “Today is the culmination of a significant amount of work for Maritime NZ and the commercial maritime sector – in working through changes to the maritime rules to reflect the convention and liaising with the […]