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  • 12 October 2016
    Business & Finance

    Subsea technology company Optime Subsea Services and Telemark Technologies have agreed to merge. As part of the merger, the Norwegian industrial investment company Holta Invest becomes the largest single shareholder in Optime Subsea Services.  The merger, a result of an existing partnership between the two companies, is expected to be finalized by the end of the […]

  • 10 January 2019
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    Aker BP has selected Optime Subsea as a provider of well access system and services on the Norwegian Continental Shelf for the next two years, with extension options.

  • 26 March 2018
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    Norwegian based Optime Subsea has presented its Subsea Controls and Intervention Light System (SCILS) at this years’ Subsea Valley conference. The SCILS measures 1.8 meters in diameter, 2.2 meters in height and weighs 3 metric tons. The traditional IWOC system comes with a 20-foot topside container and a large reel and umbilical, weighing approximately 50 […]

  • 16 March 2018
    Equipment, Project & Tenders

    Optime Subsea has supplied 20 000 psi hyperbaric pressure system to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to form part of a new test building and pit on WHOI’s premises. The hyperbaric testing system, with an inner diameter of 635 mm and a height of 2 500 mm, has been installed at WHOI’s facilities and includes both a pressure vessel […]

  • 7 March 2017
    Business & Finance

    Norwegian subsea well access company, Optime Subsea, has appointed Jarle Tautra as the chairman of the board of directors. Jarle Tautra previously held executive vice president positions in major international companies such as Aker Solutions and Hydro as well as the CEO role at Eureka Pumps. He has also been a board member at Minox Technology. Tautra has […]

  • 10 January 2019
    Operations & Maintenance, Project & Tenders

    Aker BP has selected Optime Subsea as a provider of well access system and services on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) for the next 2 years, with extension options. Optime Subsea will provide its “Subsea Controls and Intervention Light System” (SCILS) well access system for the work. Optime Subsea’s CEO Jan-Fredrik Carlsen said: “This is a […]

  • 6 July 2020
    Equipment, Research & Development

    Optime Subsea has delivered two ultra-deep pressure chambers to NUI, the Bergen-based Norwegian independent hyperbaric research and test facility. As subsea tools and equipment testing and verification expert, NUI made an investment in these pressure chambers last year. The chambers have a working pressure of 1000 bar – named Asterix and 700 bar – named […]

  • 11 October 2016
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    Optime Subsea Services, a provider of subsea well access systems technology and services, has announced a merger with Telemark Technologies. The two Norwegian companies are merging into Optime Subsea Services. As a part of the merger Holta Invest becomes the largest single shareholder in Optime Subsea Services, the company informed. Offices in Notodden and Houston […]

  • 1 October 2018
    Project & Tenders, Research & Development

    Optime Subsea has been selected to deliver a new subsea power control module to ABB, for its Joint Industry Project (JIP) started in 2013 with three oil companies . The $150 million JIP, with ABB, Chevron, Total and Equinor, aims to develop transmission, distribution and power conversion systems for subsea pumps and gas compressors, operating at […]

  • 23 August 2017
    Research & Development

    EC-OG has secured support from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre for technology FEED work that the company is undertaking for a North Sea field trial focusing on the in place Subsea Power Hub (SPH) design, optimized deployment procedure and de-risking the installation and operational phases.  EC-OG has also recently become a member of the Technology Centre […]

  • 7 May 2019
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Project & Tenders

    NUI, the Bergen-based Norwegian independent hyperbaric research and test facility, has agreed to purchase two very large hyperbaric pressure chamber systems, with a working pressure of 700 bar and 1 000 bar from Optime Subsea. The hyperbaric chambers delivered by Optime Subsea comes with an inner diameter of 1 100mm (43in), a height of 3 […]

  • 20 June 2019
    Operations & Maintenance

    Optime Subsea has completed a two well plug & abandonment campaign on the Jette field for Aker BP, on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The work was completed utilizing Optime Subsea’s Subsea Controls and Intervention Light System (SCILS). Aker BP chose to demobilize the SCILS after its two well P&A campaign on the Jette field […]

  • 29 May 2020
    Environment, Equipment, Innovation, Research & Development, Technology

    Optime Subsea is launching a technology that removes umbilical controlled tubing hanger operations with Aker BP as its first user. According to Optime, the system aims to increase safety, and reduce operational time, cost, and also environmental risk. Optime Subsea’s relationship with Aker BP started with its innovative Subsea Controls & Intervention Light System (SCILS) […]

  • 11 May 2020
    Equipment, Technology

    NUI new hyperbaric test chambers have recently arrived at the manufacturing facility for assembly. The manufacturer Optime Subsea is preparing the two test chambers for a factory acceptance test (FAT) early June. After that, the two systems will go to Bergen for installation and site acceptance test (SAT). Both systems should be installed and operational […]

  • 29 June 2018
    Operations & Maintenance, Project & Tenders

    AKOFS Offshore (AKOFS), a company owned by Akastor, has selected Optime Subsea to support the company in delivery of recently secured contract with Equinor. Optime will support AKOFS in recently received five year light well intervention (LWI) services contract with Equinor on the Norwegian continental shelf. “We are pleased to award this important part of […]

  • 18 January 2018
    Project & Tenders

    Delta SubSea and Optime SubSea have entered into an agreement to provide combined service solutions to their clients’ deep-water control needs. The companies will supply their deepwater Intervention Workover Control (IWOC) system for the clients’ XT control for installation, interventions, testing, SCM diagnostics or other subsea XT test or controls applications. Scott Dingman, CEO of Delta Subsea […]

  • 23 August 2017
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development, Technology

    East Coast Oil and Gas Engineering (EC-OG) has teamed up with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) for the optimization of its hybrid device based on the ocean current energy conversion system with integrated energy storage.

  • 12 May 2015
    Business & Finance, Research & Development

    A group of ex-FMC employees have teamed up with subsea installation player DeepOcean to found Optime Subsea Services, whose multi Completion  System (mCS) can install subsea trees at up to 80% the time and cost of traditional solutions. “The oil and gas operators have for years requested a cost reduction within the subsea industry. So […]

  • 2 November 2016
    Equipment, Project & Tenders

    Optime Subsea Services has signed a contract with an undisclosed US-based customer to supply a new hyperbaric testing system (HTS) that simulates hydrostatic pressures found at water depths up to 14,000 meters. The 20,000 psi hyperbaric pressure vessel will be manufactured at Optime Subsea Services headquarters at Notodden, Norway. The contract was awarded after a […]

  • 20 February 2020
    Equipment, Project & Tenders

    Optime Subsea have secured a large international contracts as a direct result of increasing its product portofolio. Optime have developed its competence, as well as products and systems, to include topside equipment interfacing to its subsea systems. In order to control Opime’s existing subsea systems, it will require a cable/umbilical to provide power and communication […]

  • 9 January 2017
    Equipment, Project & Tenders

    Optime Subsea has signed a contract with German Nautilus Marine Service GmbH for the delivery of a new hyperbaric testing system. The 19,000-psi hyperbaric pressure vessel will be manufactured by Optime Subsea in Notodden, Norway, located in the Norwegian subsea oil and gas cluster known as “Subsea Valley”. The hyperbaric testing chamber will have a […]

  • 6 April 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Operations & Maintenance

    FMC Technologies is taking legal action against its four former Norwegian employees and their company Optime Subsea Services, established in alliance with subsea installation player DeepOcean last year. Reportedly FMC claims that Optime’s founders have used FMC knowhow and technology for inventions that they have patents pending. According to one of the founders and CEO […]