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  • 23 February 2017
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, has just reported that contractors working on the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project are on track to finish several SHEP-related features in 2017. Senior project manager for the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, Spencer Davis, recently provided an update on the environmental mitigation features outside of the actual harbor and entrance channel […]

  • 8 February 2017
    Research & Development

    Bureau Veritas, international classification society, has issued a new rule note covering the classification of diving systems. The rules sets out requirements for the classification of professional diving systems ranging from surface-supplied systems for shallow water diving to complex saturation systems for deep sea diving. The rules deal with the main safety issues in diving, including  […]

  • 30 January 2017

    Papua New Guinea-focused player InterOil on Monday called on shareholders to vote for the proposed $2.5 billion takeover by the US-based energy giant ExxonMobil. InterOil said in a statement it urged shareholders to follow the recommendations of proxy advisory firms, Institutional Shareholder Services, and Glass Lewis & Co., by voting “FOR” the proposed transaction with ExxonMobil in connection with […]

  • 26 January 2017
    Equipment, Infrastructure

    Minox Technology, a process technology company, has delivered two water deaeration skids to the Egina FPSO. Minox said on Wednesday that the compact modules were delivered mid-January from the ROS fabrication yard in Singapore. Samsung Heavy Industries is transporting the skids to Nigeria where the water injection module will be finalized. The skids have a […]

  • 25 January 2017

    British oil major BP has issued its annual energy outlook, according to which oil and gas, together with coal, will remain the main source of energy powering the world economy, accounting for more than 75% of total energy supply in 2035, compared with 86% in 2015.   While the number will still overpower all other […]

  • 23 January 2017

    By Rob van Hoorn CTO at nC  Marine Options in insulation on board do not provide an abundance in choices. Glass wool insulates both temperature and dampens noise, but lacks anti-corrosion properties, and takes up precious room. In some cases, it even functions as a sponge for water, mold and insects. Polystyrene is very light […]

  • 10 January 2017
    Business & Finance

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, has just released an update on the Raw Water Storage Impoundment (RWSI) construction project – an important part of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP). This aerial photo, just posted by the USACE’s Savannah District, displays construction progress on the RWSI, which currently sits at 53 percent completion. […]

  • 6 January 2017

    Spanish Gondan Shipyard has delivered oceanographic research vessel ‘Dr Fridtjof Nansen’ to the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR). After recently completing the sea trials, the vessel is heading to Bergen, its port of registry. The vessel, of Skipsteknisk ST 369 design, is 74,5 meters long and has a beam of 17.4 meters. The vessel, outfitted […]

  • 19 December 2016
    Business & Finance

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, has announced that the workers successfully unloaded four Speece cones delivered on December 14, 2016, to an USACE site along the Savannah River. The Speece cones, each about 22 feet tall when installed, will dissolve pure oxygen into water extracted from the river, then push the water […]

  • 30 November 2016
    Business & Finance

    Specialists from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are taking a, new innovative approach to flood maintenance work on the River Rhymney which is benefiting both people and wildlife. Approximately 900 tonnes of shoal had built up in the river near the flood banks at Ystrad Mynach, causing the river to flow into a deep, narrow channel. […]

  • 23 November 2016
    Business & Finance

    Cambridge University Botanic Garden’s lake, constructed in 1857-58, is to be dredged for the first time in the Garden’s history. The decision to dredge the lake is a result of a series of professional, analytical studies, culminating in a report confirming that the lake is heavily silted, with a water depth of just 0.3m in […]

  • 14 November 2016

    Members of the European Parliament have urged Europe to include shipping emissions in the 2030 emissions reduction target through a maritime climate fund, in response to the decision by International Maritime Organization (IMO) to prolong any decision on a global agreement to cut emissions from shipping, Transport & Environment (T&E) said.   There is already […]

  • 8 November 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Research & Development

    Kongsberg and AML Oceanographic, Canada, have teamed up to conduct live trials of a new solution to combat biofouling on underwater fish farm sensors. The trial is focused on a new solution for extending the period between the cleaning of subsea oxygen sensors, which are mandated by law but also critical to the health of […]

  • 17 October 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Corps Connection has just released a video about the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, named ‘On the Road Again: LTG Semonite at SHEP’. In the video, Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, USACE Commanding General and 54th U.S. Army Chief of Engineers, reports from the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, discussing the dissolved oxygen injection […]

  • 14 October 2016

    A fleet of ten marine robots has completed two-week mission off northwest Scotland. The mission comprised the largest simultaneous deployment of marine robots in UK waters, with seven submarine gliders and three surface Wave Gliders operating in waters around the Outer Hebrides, National Oceanography Centre (NOC) explained. The robot fleet was collecting a variety of […]

  • 14 October 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    Vard, a designer and shipbuilder of specialized vessels, has entered into an agreement to acquire Storvik Aqua, equipment provider to the aquaculture industry. The purchase price is approximately NOK 35 million or some $4.3 million. Headquartered in Sunndalsøra, Norway, Storvik Aqua has a production facility in Norway as well as subsidiaries in Chile and Scotland, and […]

  • 13 October 2016

    U.S. oil giant Chevron is looking to divest its assets in Bangladesh, aiming to fulfill its assets sales program set at between $5 and $10 billion in 2016 and 2017. Earlier this year, as part of its previously announced divestment plans, Chevron sold 19 fields in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico to Cox Oil for an undisclosed […]

  • 10 October 2016
    Research & Development

    An international team, involving the University of Southampton’s Centre for Maritime Archaeology (UK) and funded by the charitable organisation for marine research, the Expedition and Education Foundation (EEF), is surveying the Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea, where thousands of years ago large areas of land were inundated as the water level rose following the […]

  • 30 September 2016
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    Nearly two decades in the making, the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) continues to gain momentum with more contracts awarded and new ground broken. In addition to progress made on the Raw Water Storage Impoundment and Dissolved Oxygen Injection System, work advanced this month on the dike raising and tide gate removal mitigation feature. Herve Cody Construction […]

  • 22 September 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development

    The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and partners have started a two-week mission involving ten marine robots deployed off northwest Scotland. The third in a series of demonstrator missions, this latest phase sees the largest fleet of marine robotic vehicles simultaneously deployed in UK waters. The mission comprises seven submarine gliders and three surface Wave Gliders that are working together in […]

  • 21 September 2016
    Business & Finance

    Two recent onboard containership fires have fueled concerns from International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) over the challenges involved with managing these incidents at sea as seafarers are being asked to tackle onboard fires with inadequate equipment. The two recent containership fires which raised concerns involve the 2015-built NNCI Arauco which ignited during welding operations on September 1 while the ship was in […]

  • 2 September 2016

    Several Dutch companies have teamed up to form Offshore Project Support (OPS) in order to offer a complete service to the offshore industry. The joint venture company, created by Den Helder Support Service (DHSS), Den Helder Aircraft Systems (DHAS), Glomar Offshore, and GEOxyz, resulted in one team with multiple disciplines in-house. A diverse fleet of vessels […]

  • 2 September 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Operations & Maintenance

    DHSS (Den Helder Support Service), DHAS (Den Helder Aircraft Systems), Glomar Offshore and GEOxyz have set up a joint venture to provide a complete package of specialized services above and below water in the offshore energy industry. The joint venture, called Offshore Project Support (OPS), has resulted in one team with multiple disciplines in house. […]

  • 2 September 2016
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, Technology

    Den Helder Support Service (DHSS), Den Helder Aircraft Systems (DHAS), Glomar Offshore and GEOxyz have formed a joint venture – Offshore Project Support (OPS) – to provide a complete package of specialized services above and below water in the offshore energy industry. The joint venture, called OPS, has resulted in one team which can offer a fleet of […]

  • 29 August 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Operations & Maintenance

    Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Norway is expanding its production capability with a new manufacturing line. The addition will complement its current range of thermal insulation materials by adding fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) powder coating and polypropylene (PP) to its portfolio. Hans Leo Hals, managing director of Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Norway, said: “We are very […]