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  • 6 January 2012

    Governor Sean Parnell met yesterday in Anchorage with the chief executive officers from BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil​ to discuss alignment between the three companies on commercializing the North Slope’s vast natural gas reserves. The meeting took place at the request of Governor Parnell after he publicly called on the three companies – the major […]

  • 4 October 2012
    Project & Tenders

    Executives for ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BP, and TransCanada submitted a letter to the Parnell administration describing their companies’ progress in advancing an Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project. “I’m encouraged that the companies have made significant progress in advancing a project and an associated schedule for commercializing North Slope gas,” Governor Parnell said. “Clearly, they […]

  • 11 December 2012

    Alaska Governor Sean Parnell met with Mr. Kangsoo Choo, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS), to discuss opportunities to export large volumes of Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Asia. The meeting in Juneau follows up on a meeting in September between Governor Parnell and Mr. Choo, along with prior […]

  • 9 October 2013

    Governor Sean Parnell welcomed the news that TransCanada, BP, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil have announced their selection of Nikiski as the lead site for a terminal of an all-Alaska natural gas pipeline. The companies have agreed to pursue the acquisition of property in the Nikiski area to site the liquefaction facilities associated with the Alaska LNG […]

  • 25 November 2014

    Alaska’s Governor Sean Parnel applauded DOE for authorizing Alaska LNG exports to FTA countries.

  • 10 July 2014

    Governor Sean Parnell named Alaskans to serve on the Municipal Advisory Gas Project Review Board, which was created by the governor to understand the potential impacts and benefits of a major natural gas project on communities throughout the state. Department of Revenue Commissioner Angela Rodell will chair the group. The board will review available information, […]

  • 28 September 2012

    Sean Parnell, governor of Alaska,  is conducting an economic trade mission with energy officials in Japan and the Republic of Korea. The focus is on promoting Alaska’s natural gas to Pacific Rim markets. Over the next week, Governor Parnell is meeting with Japanese and South Korean officials and business leaders to discuss opportunities that will […]

  • 24 April 2014

    Alaska’s Governor Sean Parnell released the following statement in response to news that BP would be selling its interests in four North Slope fields to Hilcorp. “Today’s announcement means another entrepreneurial company will be working to accelerate production and find additional reserves on the North Slope,” Governor Parnell said. “Hilcorp has a proven record of […]

  • 21 January 2013
    Business & Finance

    In another move to assure Alaskans have more say about the use of their lands, Governor Sean Parnell submitted legislation authorizing the State of Alaska to assume primacy from the federal government to administer the regulatory program for managing certain wetlands. “Alaskans should have a bigger say over regulation of our land and water resources,” […]

  • 13 January 2014

    Governor Sean Parnell announced that the State of Alaska will pursue becoming an equity partner in the Alaska LNG project. The governor also announced the state will terminate its involvement with TransCanada as its licensee under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA), and partner with the company in a more traditional commercial agreement. “For the […]

  • 5 December 2013

    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has accepted the position of vice chair of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Governors Coalition.   “Opening up the waters off North Carolina to sensible oil, natural gas and renewable energy development is a vital part of our state’s energy policy,” Governor McCrory said. “Through the OCS Governors Coalition, we […]

  • 7 May 2013
    Business & Finance

    Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory headlined a panel yesterday, organized by the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. Representatives from Louisiana and Virginia also participated in the discussion. […]

  • 17 September 2014

    Governor Sean Parnell made a response to comments made by Bill Walker regarding the Alaska LNG project. “It’s disappointing that Bill Walker would jeopardize the historic progress we have made on a natural gas pipeline project,” Governor Parnell said. “What message is Bill sending to the thousands of Alaskans working to advance the AK LNG Project […]

  • 23 January 2013

    Alaska Governor Sean Parnell has requested that officials from the State of Alaska be included on the panel reviewing the Expedited Assessment of 2012 Arctic Operations. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar formed the panel after a transportation accident led to the grounding of the drill rig Kulluk near Kodiak last month. “Given the importance of this […]

  • 27 January 2014

    Following through on his pledge to bring Alaska’s gas to Alaskans first and then to markets beyond, Governor Sean Parnell introduced legislation to advance the Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) project. The governor’s bill comes after a commercial agreement was signed by the state, the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. (AGDC), the producers, and TransCanada that […]

  • 22 August 2014

    Governor Sean Parnell issued a statement after the U.S. Department of Energy announced the Alaska LNG project is exempt from a new rule changing how the department handles LNG export permissions. The exemption greatly streamlines the Alaska LNG project application. “This is a clear signal the Alaska LNG Project is gaining momentum,” Parnell said. “I appreciate Secretary […]

  • 17 March 2014

    Governor Sean Parnell applauded the Senate Finance Committee for passing Senate Bill 138, the governor’s legislation to advance a large-diameter Alaska natural gas pipeline project to get Alaska’s gas to Alaskans. The bill provides the necessary framework for Alaska to become an owner in the Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project. “I applaud the Senate […]

  • 20 February 2013

    Executives from BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and TransCanada submitted a letter, meeting Governor Sean Parnell’s benchmarks for gas pipeline progress. The companies’ letter states the concept selection phase for an Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) project has been completed. In this year’s State of the State address, Governor Parnell called on the companies to unite behind […]

  • 30 May 2013

    Continuing his commitment to lower Alaskans’ energy costs, Governor Sean Parnell signed into law Senate Bill 23, legislation to put in place a $362.5 million financing package for natural gas liquefaction on the North Slope and a distribution system. The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) now has the authority to offer up to […]

  • 15 March 2013

    Governor Sean Parnell applauded the Senate’s unanimous passage of Senate Bill 23, the governor’s legislation to provide more affordable energy to Alaskans. “I appreciate the Senate’s work to jumpstart this project and provide energy relief for Alaskans by developing Alaska’s gas,” Governor Parnell said. “Our focus continues to be on providing the lowest cost of […]

  • 22 May 2013

    Governor Sean Parnell signed landmark legislation creating a state entity charged with getting Alaska’s natural gas to Alaskans. House Bill 4 gives the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) the authority to develop, finance, and operate a gas pipeline from the North Slope, serving Fairbanks and Southcentral, at the lowest possible cost. “Despite our plentiful energy […]

  • 22 September 2014
    Business & Finance

    The State of Alaska and Vigor Industrial have reached a final agreement to construct two Alaska Class Ferries at Vigor Alaska in Ketchikan. The vessels will be the first Alaska Marine Highway System ferries built in Alaska. Alaska’s Governor Sean Parnell made the announcement at a community event held by Vigor Alaska at the Ketchikan […]