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  • 17 July 2014

    A search helicopter carrying emergency workers flying from the Sewol ferry disaster site crashed in a South Korean city of Gwangju, leaving five dead and one injured.   The helicopter was carrying fire-fighters who were returning to their base after spending past four days trying to find the remaining Sewol passengers, when it crashed into a […]

  • 6 May 2014
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    A civilian diver has died during the search for missing people in the sunken Sewol ferry offshore South Korea. The 53-year-old diver lost communication with his fellow divers 5 minutes after diving into waters 25 meters deep, CNN reports. The diver, known by his surname Lee, was on his first search attempt in the Sewol […]

  • 22 July 2014

    South Korean police has reported finding the body of the fugitive billionaire wanted over April’s Sewol ferry sinking that left more than 300 people dead or missing.   The decomposed body of what was confirmed by DNA analysis to be Yoo Byung-eun, the owner of Chonghaejin Marine Co., operator of  Sewol, was found in a plum field outside the city […]

  • 1 September 2014

    A strong pressure is being exerted on South Korean National Assembly to adopt a special bill which is aimed at determining the cause behind the Sewol ferry tragedy that killed around 300 people in April, predominantly high school students. The pressure is further fuelled by the protest of hundreds of people who, as reported by Yonhap, joined  […]

  • 16 June 2016

    The salvage teams are scheduled to continue their operations on the sunken Sewol ferry off South Korea’s southern coast next week, Channel News Asia cited the South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF). The country noted that the operations could pose a number of challenges, mostly because of the upcoming monsoon season as well as the plans to […]

  • 17 July 2015

    China’s Shanghai Salvage-led consortium has been announced as preferred bidder for the salvage of Sewol ferry that sank off the island of Jeju more than a year ago. South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) has chosen the consortium over six other bidders based on their experience on similar tasks. Reportedly, the Shangai Salvage consortia asked for […]

  • 15 April 2016

    The wreck of the Sewol ferry, which sank exactly two years ago taking more than 300 people with it, could emerge from the water off South Korea’s southern coast by the end of July 2016, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF). The salvage operation, which will be undertaken by a Chinese consortium led by Shanghai […]

  • 18 April 2014
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    The number of dead people in a South Korean incident, in which „Sewol“ ferry sank, rose to 28. According to the latest reports the ferry sank completely on Friday, leaving around 270 people missing. The ferry sank offshore Jeju island in South Korea. The reasons of the incident are still unknown. As CNN reports, three […]

  • 27 March 2017

    The wreck of the ferry Sewol, which was lifted last week following overnight salvage operations, is expected to embark for the Port of Mokpo, South Korea, on March 30, the country’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) said. The preparations to relocate she ship have been completed and salvage crew has been discharging oil and water from […]

  • 19 August 2015

    China’s Shanghai Salvage-led consortium started underwater operations on the Sewol ferry recovery. According to media reports, divers from Shanghai Salvage are carrying out inspections to get better insight into the condition of the sunken ferry. The Sewol ferry sank more than a year ago en route from Incehon to the island of Jeju with over 400 […]

  • 17 November 2014

    The captain of the sunken South Korean ferry Sewol, who has been sentenced to 36 years of prison for gross negligence, has joined two other crew members of the ill-fated ferry in filing an appeal to their respective verdicts, Yonhap news agency cited court officials as saying Monday. Joon-seok was charged with homicide by the […]

  • 17 September 2015
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    Stage one of underwater inspections conducted by divers on the sunken Sewol ferry has been finalized. After the award of salvage contract to Shanghai Salvage-Ocean C&I consortium , 50 divers have been performing vessel inspection. According to media reports, 50 divers were among 211 people working on the site from two barges, Hyundai Boryeung and Dalrihao. […]

  • 25 July 2014

    The South Korean state forensic agency has reported that it was impossible to determine the cause of death of Yoo Byung-eun, the fugitive shipping tycoon allegedly responsible for April’s Sewol ferry disaster, due to the state of progressed decomposition of the body, according to Yonhap.   The body of the 73-year-old billionaire, owner of Chonghaejin Marine Co., operator […]

  • 29 October 2015
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    The South Korean Supreme Court has upheld the verdict against the head of Sewol ferry operator Kim Han-Sik, who has been sentenced to seven years of prison on the grounds of manslaughter and embezzlement charges, writes the Associated Press. The CEO of Chonghaejin Marine Co was sentenced to seven years by a South Korean appeals court in May, […]

  • 8 May 2018

    Sewol wreck will be moved in an upright position after laying on its side for over a year in the Port of Mokpo.

  • 31 March 2017

    The wreck of the ill-fated Korean ferry Sewol has been transported to the Port of Mokpo where it would be inspected for the remains of the missing passengers, the Associated Press reports. The corroded hull of the ferry was lifted from the seabed in the morning hours of March 23 following overnight salvage operations and placed on a semi-submersible vessel. […]

  • 25 June 2014

    After a couple of weeks of searching with no results, the divers recovered another body from the sunken passenger ferry Sewol on Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 293, with 11 passengers still missing. The body was found on the fourth deck of Sewol, and it is presumed to be of a Danwon High School […]

  • 13 June 2016
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    South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) has launched the salvage operation to recover the wreck of the Sewol ferry, which sank more than two years ago with over 300 people on board, according to Korea Herald. The authorities expect that the vessel’s bow could emerge from the water off South Korea’s southern coast by […]

  • 11 November 2014

    Captain of the ill-fated Sewol ferry that capsized in April 2014, claiming lives of 295 passengers, mainly high school students, Lee Joon-seok, has been sentenced to 36 years of prison, Yonhap writes. Joon-seok was charged with homicide by the prosecutors, however the judges of the Gwangju District Court acquitted him Tuesday on that charge, proclaiming him […]

  • 23 November 2015
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    South Korea’s Ministry of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Cheonghaejin Marine Co., the operator of the Sewol ferry which sank in April 2014, asking for a compensation for the money the government has so far paid to the victims and those affected by the incident, according to local media. The Ministry of Justice filed the […]

  • 21 April 2014
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    The death toll in a South Korean ferry accident rose to 64, according to the latest reports. As CNN informed around 238 people are still missing. The divers are trying to recover the bodies of the missing people left on board. Several bodies were recovered on Sunday by police boats, and 35 aircraft and 214 […]

  • 3 July 2014

    The Sewol tragedy is caused by the South Korea Government and Coast Guard’s inability to handle the rescue operation, failing to rescue lives of people that could have been saved, was one of the key points voiced during the first general meeting of the special parliamentary committee appointed to investigate the accident, local media report. […]