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  • 13 October 2017
    Research & Development

    Two University of Victoria projects with the potential to change how the world interprets the forces of nature have taken a major step toward being realized with the Canada Foundation for Innovation announcement of $6.3 million in funding support. UVic Earth and Ocean Sciences professor Jody Klymak and West Coast Wave Initiative Director Brad Buckham, a […]

  • 19 January 2017
    Business & Finance

    University of Victoria has announced a combined investment totaling $7 million from the Government of Canada and the university for infrastructure renovation and renewal projects for a new ocean and climate hub. Also, the Government of Canada and five western universities, led by UVic, are contributing a total of $3 million to enhance facilities at […]

  • 10 January 2017
    Business & Finance

    University of Victoria’s (UVic) Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) has secured a five year $46.6 million investment from the Canadian government—through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). “This is terrific news for ONC and for the future of ocean science globally,” said Jamie Cassels UVic president. “We’re very grateful to the Government of Canada for its […]

  • 17 October 2012
    Business & Finance, Research & Development

      How are salmon responding to ocean change? How are people’s activities affecting coastal ecosystems? What changes are in store for coastal landscapes? What chemical reactions are involved in heavy metal poisoning? And how can web-based tools be used most effectively to enhance language learning? These are some of the big questions driving the work […]

  • 29 August 2012
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Operations & Maintenance

    Researchers from the University of Victoria, Canada (UVic), will be in the Arctic this summer with their autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to assist Parks Canada as it continues its search for the lost ships of Sir John Franklin. Underwater archeologists from Parks Canada have recently spent three field seasons searching for HMS Erebus and HMS […]

  • 9 August 2011
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development

    Coastal research cruises will get a little greener next year, after a former Canadian Coast Guard vessel is transformed into North America’s first hybrid fuel cell and plug-in “green” ship. The University of Victoria’s new ship will be used for coastal ocean research and service cruises for both VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada. This dream, many […]

  • 4 August 2011

    Ocean innovation and research at the University of Victoria has benefitted from a $1.19 million contribution in federal funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada. The funding will help UVic to secure the powertrain equipment necessary to retrofit the former Tsekoa II into the world’s first plug-in hybrid “green ship” powered by electricity, hydrogen fuel cells […]

  • 4 August 2011

    Ocean innovation and research at the University of Victoria has benefitted from a $1.19 million contribution in federal funding from … (globe-net) [mappress] Source: globe-net, August 4, 2011;

  • 7 May 2018
    Business & Finance

    Study: A restriction on vessel speed could reduce the likelihood of ship strikes in Arctic waters to protect mammals.

  • 17 November 2017
    Authorities & Government, Business & Finance, Environment, Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development, Technology

    The government of Canada has provided funding for the establishment of the Pacific Regional Institute for Marine Energy Discovery (PRIMED) to help develop and commercialize marine renewable energy technologies.

  • 2 May 2017
    Business & Finance, Research & Development, Technology

    Canadian province of British Columbia has collected enough detailed information about the height, frequency and direction of its coastal waves to start developing and testing wave energy converters in the ocean, a new report has found.

  • 20 January 2017
    Authorities & Government, Business & Finance, Research & Development

    The University of Victoria (UVic) and Canadian government will pour $7 million into renovation of the former Queenswood property in Saanich to provide office and research space for UVic’s ocean and climate hub.

  • 10 January 2017
    Authorities & Government, Business & Finance, Environment, Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development, Technology

    University of Victoria’s Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) has secured a five-year $46.6 million investment from the Canadian government.

  • 7 October 2016
    Authorities & Government, Business & Finance, Environment, Research & Development, Technology

    Canadian Province of British Columbia has awarded C$150,000 to the West Coast Wave Initiative (WCWI) at the University of Victoria to support research into the potential of ocean waves to generate electricity.

  • 19 April 2016
    Research & Development, Technology

    Cascadia Coast Research, in collaboration with the University of Victoria and Aalborg University, Denmark, is making their methods for actively controlled physical model wave energy converter power take-offs (PTOs) publicly available.

  • 24 March 2016
    Research & Development

    University of Victoria (UVic) is leading a mission off Flores Island in Clayoquot Sound, north of Tofino, to deepen the knowledge of rare and threatened baleen whales and help protect them from ship strikes. Over the next three weeks, a two-metre underwater ocean glider equipped with acoustic sensors, sonar and hydrophones will allow researchers to track whale movements […]

  • 26 September 2014
    Equipment, Operations & Maintenance

    University of Victoria (UVic) mechanical engineer Alison Proctor and her department’s 3.5-metre long, Bluefin Robotics AUV, and supported by a Parks Canada research vessel and crew, may have made one of the oldest archeological finds in Canada. Dr. Quentin Mackie and Alison Proctor just returned this month from a 10-day research trip to Gwaii Haanas National […]

  • 25 August 2014
    Business & Finance, Research & Development

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mrs. Laureen Harper and key government representatives gathered dockside with UVic President Jamie Cassels and Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) President Kate Moran to view firsthand the latest instrumentation that showcases Canadian science and technology in the Arctic. On his ninth annual week-long Northern Tour, the Prime Minister’s itinerary includes the Yukon, […]

  • 4 October 2012
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Research & Development

    Completion of the world’s largest deep-sea tsunami array, new instruments to improve marine safety in the Strait of Georgia, and the first subsea instrument platform in the Arctic—these are three exciting developments underway at the University of Victoria’s world–leading Ocean Networks Canada Observatory. Today, the governments of Canada and British Columbia announced a total of […]