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  • 2 January 2013
    Business & Finance

    Associated British Ports’ Group Sustainable Development Team has commissioned ABPmer to develop an online interactive data viewer that will enable users to dynamically view, search, query, annotate, and print port specific infomaps. This system, based on ESRI ArcGIS Server and Geocortex, will initially be populated with environmental information such as designations, flood risk projections, and […]

  • 13 January 2011
    Business & Finance

    ABPmer, a leading UK marine environmental consultancy, has reported that against a much increased competitive and challenging market background, it achieved its ambitious 2010 sales target. The energy sector continues to be its biggest market and the company continues to offer a suite of services to the offshore wind market including impact assessments and metocean […]

  • 25 May 2016
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    Cowes Harbor Commission’s (CHC) public presentation and review of the Outer Harbor Project was held on 19th May 2016 at the Island Sailing Club in Cowes. Hydrodynamic consultants ABPmer and program managers Marina Projects were also present. The purpose of the meeting was to deliver an update on progress with the Outer Harbor Project (OHP), […]

  • 21 February 2013
    Business & Finance

    ABP Marine Environmental Research ltd. (ABPmer) announced that it is delighted with the Marine Management Organisation’s (MMO) decision to grant Associated British Ports (ABP) consent to improve the marine access to the Port of Southampton with a programme of dredging. ABPmer completed the Environmental Statement (ES) that supported ABP’s application to the MMO. The ES […]

  • 28 February 2012

      ABPmer has been contracted by Hanson Marine Aggregates Limited to prepare environmental statements to support a programme of marine aggregate licence renewals and applications in the Anglian Marine Aggregate Region. A number of long-standing marine aggregate production licence areas have been operating under permissions issued through a non-statutory regulatory system called the Government View […]

  • 2 August 2013
    Business & Finance

    ABPmer, a leading UK marine consultancy, has been commissioned by AMEC Environment & Infrastructure UK Limited to undertake coastal process impact assessments of two coastal projects on the Gibraltar coast. The assessments will form part of the Environmental Statements being prepared by AMEC for HM Government Gibraltar in relation to a reclamation scheme at Western […]

  • 9 February 2015
    Business & Finance

    The working group for Pagham Parish Council, Pagham Flood Defense Steering Group (PFDSG), has engaged with ABPmer to identify the best solution for managing the large shingle spit fronting Pagham Harbor, West Sussex.  This spit has grown substantially over the last decade and an intervention is needed to ease the pressure of erosion that it […]

  • 26 March 2015
    Business & Finance

    ABPmer, a leading provider of coastal process assessments, has been commissioned by the Environment Agency to provide a detailed understanding of past, present and likely future change around Read’s Island on the Humber Estuary.   The study will help the Environment Agency determine what action they need to take to maintain current flood protection levels […]

  • 17 July 2013

    ABPmer’s Online Managed Realignment Database aka OMREG has been used to underpin the “Regulating Services – Coastal Habitats” chapter of the “Managing the land in a changing climate – Adaptation Sub-Committee progress report 2013”. The progress report reviews some of the key ecosystem services provided by the land. Specifically, the report addresses the use of […]

  • 26 March 2012

    ABPmer has been commissioned by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to develop a 3D water quality model of the Forth Estuary. The model, once validated, will provide SEPA with a suitable tool to assess options to address and mitigate water quality issues as they arise. As Scotland’s environmental regulator, SEPA has a duty to […]

  • 13 January 2011

    ABPmer, a leading UK marine environmental consultancy, has reported that against a much increased competitive and challenging market background, it achieved its ambitious 2010 sales target. The energy sector continues to be its biggest market and the company continues to offer a suite of services to the offshore wind market including impact assessments and metocean […]

  • 30 October 2015
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology

    ABP Marine Environmental Research ltd (ABPmer) has been contracted by the River Hamble Harbor Authority to undertake its 2015 annual bathymetric survey. The survey is carried out to help the River Hamble Harbor Authority to maintain its knowledge of the water depths within the river and to capture any morphological changes that might be occurring […]

  • 3 August 2017
    Business & Finance

    Members of Essex County Council’s Development and Regulation Committee resolved on July 28th to approve proposals for the final phase of the RSPB’s landscape-scale habitat creation scheme on Wallasea Island. This last phase, subject to the completion of a legal agreement and the imposition of conditions, will involve the creation of an enormous complex of […]

  • 2 February 2018
    Business & Finance

    To coincide with World Wetlands Day, ABPmer has unveiled its recently redesigned coastal habitat creation and restoration website, OMREG. OMREG is an online searchable database of implemented coastal habitat creation and restoration schemes mainly in North West Europe but increasingly further afield. Each scheme entry includes the what, why, where and how of each project […]

  • 29 October 2015
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    Boskalis Westminster has just completed the installation of rock armor layers to the new detached Cowes Breakwater. The final handover of the breakwater to CHC will to take place next month. As agreed by Cowes Harbor Commissioners following the July 2015 project review, CHC has prioritized the completion and verification of a new tidal model with consultant hydrodynamic engineers […]

  • 21 June 2019
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Project & Tenders, Research & Development

    ABPmer is supporting SSE Renewables in the development of Phase 2 of its Arklow Bank Wind Park project, off the east coast of Ireland. ABPmer has been commissioned to prepare a preliminary site condition report and manage the associated metocean survey which will then be used in conjunction with new numerical modelling to refine the […]

  • 22 January 2018
    Authorities & Government, Business & Finance, Environment, Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development, Technology

    The government of Wales has hired marine consultancy ABPmer to undertake initial research focused on sustainable management of marine resources in Wales.

  • 16 June 2011

    ABPmer announces a new phase in the dissemination of marine renewable resource mapping tools for wind, wave and tidal developers with the launch of the Renewables Channel on WEBvision, their online spatial information sharing platform. The Renewables Channel allows browsers to interrogate the recently developed Western Isles and Northern Ireland (WINI) numerical model, which provides […]

  • 11 October 2017
    Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development

    ABPmer supported by THA Aquatic, has been commissioned to undertake a detailed Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) of the proposed tidal lagoon safeguarding policy within the Welsh Government Marine Plan, focusing on fish and marine habitats.   The Welsh Government is developing the first national Marine Plan for Wales. As part of this process it must […]

  • 16 May 2013
    Operations & Maintenance

    ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd (ABPmer), in association with eftec, has been contracted to develop the socio-economic evidence base that will be used by Marine Scotland to complete Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments for each proposed Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (MPA), and an accompanying Sustainability Appraisal. The Marine (Scotland) Act and the UK Marine […]

  • 9 July 2014

    ABPmer welcomed recent announcement made by The Crown Estate to award seabed rights for six new wave and tidal demonstration zones and five new wave and tidal current sites.  As a manager of the UK seabed, The Crown Estate grants rights to organisations to operate on the seabed. However, any projects must go through the […]

  • 25 May 2016
    Business & Finance

    ABPmer, a specialist in marine environmental impact assessment (EIA), has been commissioned by CEMEX to undertake an EIA and prepare the associated Environmental Statement for proposed marine aggregate extraction from an area on the south coast. Dredging to extract aggregates – sand, gravel, and other marine minerals – from the English seabed needs a marine […]