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  • 20 September 2017
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    The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea MAP), led by the University of Southampton, and the largest maritime archaeology expedition ever undertaken, has discovered 60 shipwrecks. The project has during September continued to survey the Black Sea seafloor off the Bulgarian coast. The main aim has been to reconstruct old landscapes and shorelines which today […]

  • 4 July 2014
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    SeaBotix ROV has entered and recorded the interior of Gallipoli’s AE2 submarine, sunk almost a century ago. SeaBotix custom designed vLBV assisted the first archaeological expedition of Australian scientists and historians to enter and record the interior of the HMAS AE2 submarine lying in 72 meters of water. The only entrance into the submarine was […]

  • 24 September 2017
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    Subsea World News has put together a recap of the most interesting articles from the previous week (September 18 – September 24). TechnipFMC has been awarded an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) contract from Hurricane Energy. The contract covers the provision of subsea equipment including umbilicals, risers, flowlines and the subsea production system for […]

  • 1 July 2011
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      The Honourable Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, announced that Parks Canada will be working with other Canadian researchers to deploy highly sophisticated underwater technology in the continuing search for polar explorer Sir John Franklin’s lost ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. This summer’s two-phased Arctic expedition will […]

  • 12 November 2019
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    Veteran ocean explorer and Tiburon Subsea CEO Tim Taylor along with his “Lost 52 Project” team have discovered the WWII Submarine USS Grayback (SS-208) in Japanese waters. The US Navy officially verified the discovery of Grayback which was made at a depth of 435 meters (1427 feet). This is the first US submarine discovered in Japanese waters and […]

  • 22 July 2011
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    Dan Davis, Luther College visiting assistant professor of classical archaeology, recently began a four-month research expedition aboard the… (luthercollege) [mappress] Source: luthercollege, July 22, 2011;

  • 1 June 2011
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      The world’s best known shipwreck turned 100 yesterday. Maritime historians generally consider the date of a ship’s launch to be its “official birth date” and the Belfast, Northern Ireland, shipyard of Harland & Wolff launched RMS Titanic on May 31, 1911. Once afloat, RMS Titanic was then completed by shipyard workers before setting out […]

  • 1 June 2011

    The world’s best known shipwreck turns 100 today. Maritime historians generally consider the date of a ship’s launch to be its “official birth date” and the Belfast, Northern Ireland, shipyard of Harland & Wolff launched RMS Titanic on May 31, 1911. Once afloat, RMS Titanic was then completed by shipyard workers before setting out on […]

  • 30 January 2014
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    Deltares has announced that Bert van der Valk, geologist at Deltares, was a co-author of the book ‘Schatten van het Mammoetstrand. Over speuren in grondlagen, opgraven onder water en vissen naar fossielen’. (Treasures of the Mammoth Beach. About investigating in the earth, excavating below water and fishing for fossils.) It recounts the construction of the […]

  • 17 November 2011
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    A successful expedition has resulted in the discovery of an ancient warship. It is believed to be Svärdet, a ship that went under in 1676. A successful expedition, led by Deep Sea Productions founder Carl Douglas, has resulted in the discovery of an ancient warship off the island of Öland in Southern Sweden. It is […]

  • 30 July 2013
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    BSEE Senior Marine Archaeologist Chris Horrell is helping a national team of scientists study Shipwreck Site 15577 in the Gulf of Mexico. Chris checked in with the latest information: Q1. How many days have you been on the ship and when is the expedition over? A1. I have been on the E/V Nautilus since Wednesday […]

  • 10 November 2014
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    Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, has unveiled the ship’s bell retrieved from the recently discovered Franklin Expedition shipwreck, HMS Erebus. The initial discovery of a ship belonging to the Franklin Expedition, made by side-scan sonar towed from the Parks Canada research vessel Investigator, was confirmed on September 7, 2014, […]

  • 17 March 2017
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    OceanGate Expeditions said it will conduct the first manned submersible expedition to the wreck of the RMS Titanic since 2005. The survey expedition team will use a newly built manned submersible to assess the condition of the shipwreck and document artifacts in the debris field. The exploration team will conduct annual surveys of the wreck […]

  • 10 October 2016
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    An international team, involving the University of Southampton’s Centre for Maritime Archaeology (UK) and funded by the charitable organisation for marine research, the Expedition and Education Foundation (EEF), is surveying the Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea, where thousands of years ago large areas of land were inundated as the water level rose following the […]

  • 6 December 2017
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    Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen’s expedition crew of research vessel (R/V) Petrel has documented the USS Ward in its final resting place near Ponson Island in the Philippines. The expedition team released video images just prior to the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The USS Ward was a Wickes-class destroyer that […]

  • 5 August 2013
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    This summer, MMT participated in a historical expedition together with MARIS, Ocean Discovery and Deepsea productions. Two bronze cannons, taken from the battle ship Mars, are now stored in a water bath until they are ready to be exhibited at the Västervik Museum in Sweden. The smaller cannon weighs approximately 200 pounds and was situated […]

  • 22 May 2018
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    The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has obtained authorization to release new details from the search for the San José shipwreck, a 62-gun, three-masted Spanish galleon ship. WHOI obtained authorization by Maritime Archaeology Consultants (MAC), Switzerland AG, and the Colombian government. The ship, which is often called the “holy grail of shipwrecks,” went down with a […]

  • 1 September 2015

    Teams from NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, in partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, began a survey of the historic wreck of Diamond Shoal Lightship No. 71, the only American lightship to be sunk by enemy action during World War I. The archaeological survey expedition off the coast […]

  • 5 March 2015
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    As part of an effort to unlock the secrets of HMS Erebus, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Parks Canada and Royal Canadian Navy divers will join forces for Operation NUNALIVUT. The divers will conduct approximately 11 days of intense ice diving and underwater archaeology in April. The Prime Minister made the announcement at a special event […]

  • 30 October 2014
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    Divers from the non-profit Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) discovered a 2,000 year old sacrificial altar while exploring an ancient wreck in 400 feet of water. The artifact is one of many unique discoveries that promise to help redefine what we understand about ancient trade routes and commerce in the third century B.C. GUE technical divers […]

  • 20 April 2015
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    China has kicked off a new project of building a mother vessel for a 11,000-meter manned submersible as part of the country’s deep-sea research program. The vessel, Zhang Jian, named after the founder of Shanghai Ocean University, will serve the manned submersible ‘Rainbow Fish’ which is capable of diving to a depth of 11,000 meters. […]

  • 9 April 2018
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    Tiburon Subsea has found a wreck of WWII submarine USS S-28 (SS-133) off the cost of Oahu, Hawaii. Utilizing Kongsberg Maritime’s Hugin autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and hydro acoustic technology the USS S-28 was located in 2650 meters of water . The survey expedition was part of Tiburon Subsea’s commitment to the ‘Lost 52 Project’, a long-term […]