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  • 22 June 2016

    The creation of a European border control system received a first green light from the European Parliament and Council negotiators on Tuesday night. The cornerstone of the deal is to upgrade the Frontex border agency, which, together with national border management authorities, will form a European Border and Coast Guard. It is now up to member […]

  • 28 September 2015

    Although it is nothing new for countries and companies to invest in renewable energy, it seems like this ‘alternative’ form of energy production grows faster  than ever. The IEA reported recently that renewable energy could surpass coal, nuclear power, and natural gas as the world’s largest source of electricity within only 15 years. That’s one […]

  • 9 May 2012
    Business & Finance

    Attorney-General Nicola Roxon and Minister for Home Affairs and Justice Jason Clare yesterday announced that the Federal Government would provide $33.3 million for the operation of two new vessels for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The 6,500 tonne Offshore Support Vessel Skandi Bergen is 105m long and 21m wide. It has accommodation for […]

  • 5 January 2012

    In recent times, the attention of project developers, policy makers and energy regulators has started shifting towards the construction of (transnational) large scale far offshore wind farms. This is due to their advantages over conventional energy production facilities, being larger in scale, inducing economies of scale; offering less nuisance related to visual or noise pollution […]

  • 7 July 2016

    The European Parliament has given its approval to the European Commission’s proposal to establish a European Border and Coast Guard border control system. “If we want to manage migration better and preserve our Schengen area of free movement, we need to strengthen the common management of the EU’s external borders. Today’s decision by the Parliament is a major […]

  • 28 February 2018

    Borders & Southern, a UK-based oil and gas exploration company with offshore assets in the Falkland Islands, is optimistic about its Darwin assets following an independent resource review.

  • 3 March 2006

    Military officials from North and South Korea were at odds Friday over the North’s demand that they redraw their western sea border, as they met for a second day of high-level talks – the first such dialogue in nearly two years.

  • 26 August 2011

    The Georgian Border Police detained a vessel flying under the Marshall Islands flag in the Kulevi port, the department reported on Friday… (TrendAZ) [mappress] Source: TrendAZ, August 26, 2011;

  • 19 June 2015

    One woman has died after a US Customs and Border Protection patrol boat collided with a vessel suspected of smuggling undocumented immigrants off the coast of San Diego County, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a release. CBP agents reportedly encountered a suspected smuggling vessel near Encinitas yesterday morning, local time. According to CBP, the vessel’s skipper […]

  • 17 April 2015
    Business & Finance

    The offshore wind industry in southern Denmark can benefit from the large and growing market in Germany through cross-border cooperation, said. A total of 766 companies are working with offshore wind near the Danish-German border, 404 Danish and 362 German. Over 80% of them often form partnerships with other companies when working with offshore wind. […]

  • 30 August 2016

    Authorities seized some 95 kilograms of cocaine from a cruise ship in Sydney, Australia during a search aboard the vessel on August 28, and arrested three Canadian nationals on drug importation charges. Namely, Australian Border Force (ABF) officers boarded the vessel when it berthed in Sydney Harbour, and with the assistance of detector dogs, searched […]

  • 24 September 2012

    The last part of Iranian section of gas pipeline that is planned to transfer Iran’s gas to Pakistan will reach border area in less than a year, said Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister and managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Javad Owji. Expressing satisfaction with the progress of construction work, he predicted construction […]

  • 6 October 2016

    The European Border and Coast Guard Agency has been officially launched today at the Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint at the Bulgarian external border with Turkey, less than a year after it was first proposed by the European Commission. Building on the foundations of Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency will closely monitor the […]

  • 12 September 2018

    European Commission proposes last elements needed for compromise on migration and border reform.

  • 31 July 2018

    The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said it will investigate whether the liquefied natural gas (LNG) modules are in line with special import measures regulations that came into force in April. 

  • 11 May 2017
    Business & Finance

    US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has withdrawn the proposed modifications to the country’s Jones Act which regulates maritime commerce in US waters and between US ports. The changes, which were presented on January 18, 2017 by President Barack Obama’s administration, would have revoked waivers that helped oil and gas operators to stay in line with […]

  • 18 April 2017
    Business & Finance

    Good progress continues to be made towards constructing a flood protection scheme for Hawick, the Scottish Borders Council just announced. The scheme is currently in its outline design phase, which aims to prove that a flood protection scheme is feasible and can be delivered within the town. “If the scheme is successful through the statutory […]

  • 3 October 2013

    At the 2013 International Maritime Exposition, Pacific 2013, Austal will showcase its proven border protection and multi-mission platforms to help potential customers make informed capability decisions to meet their border protection requirements. Austal has come to dominate the Australian patrol boat market, winning three consecutive contracts for frontline patrol boats, including the Armidale Class patrol […]

  • 29 December 2015
    Business & Finance

    With the signing of a cooperation agreement, the Netherlands and Germany have launched a joint study into flood risk management in the border area between the two countries. The study focuses on applying the Dutch risk-based approach to cross-border dyke sections in the border area between the Netherlands and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. […]

  • 8 November 2018

    North Sea countries share many of the same challenges and opportunities when it comes to the offshore industry.

  • 10 November 2015

    The central theme of the sixth annual Offshore WIND Conference held last month in Amsterdam was “Building an industry without borders.” According to a study published by the European Commission titled “Study of the benefits of a meshed offshore grid in Northern Seas region,” a meshed offshore grid would cut costs by between EUR 30 […]

  • 22 April 2005

    Fuel smuggling has become rife on the borders of Indonesia and Singapore and several ships have already been apprehended.