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  • 26 November 2018
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Operations & Maintenance

    System integrator Alewijnse Marine has completed electrical outfitting works on board DEME’s new subsea cable layer Living Stone. The Living Stone has been designed to support wind farm installation and interconnector operations and recently started its first assignment at the Hornsea Project One wind farm, currently being developed off the North Sea coast of the […]

  • 14 July 2015

    Fugro has equipped its trenching vessel Fugro Saltire with a compact, custom-made, cable-lay spread that comprises a reel drive system to store the cables, a tensioner to lay them, twin winches and a quadrant deployment system on rails. The equipment is fitted to the rear deck of the vessel alongside the existing trenching equipment. In operation […]

  • 2 May 2016

    Remøy Management AS applied to fill several positions on ABB’s new cable-laying vessel, to be delivered next year, and advertised job vacancies. Deemed the world’s most modern cable-layer, the vessel is under construction at Kleven shipyard in Norway, with delivery expected in the first half of 2017. ABB’s new vessel will be built according to SALT 306 CLV design, and […]

  • 16 February 2018

    A fire broke out on board DEME’s cable layer Living Stone on Wednesday afternoon in Santurzi, Spain.

  • 2 May 2016
    Business & Finance

    A new cable laying vessel, under construction by Kleven in Ulsteinvik, Norway for Swiss-based cable specialist ABB, could provide over a 100 new jobs next year. The 140 by 30 meters vessel, based on a design from Salt Ship Design, is scheduled for delivery in first part of 2017. The vessel will be manned by 50-60 people […]

  • 14 November 2014

    DeepOcean UK has kicked off the construction of its new cable lay vessel with the symbolic keel laying ceremony held in Galati. The vessel, yet to be named, will be taken on a long term charter from Maersk, and will extend DeepOcean’s capabilities in the larger cable laying end of the market, representing a new focus on interconnector […]

  • 29 July 2016

    Prysmian Group has welcomed a third cable lay vessel, named Ulisse, to its fleet following a EUR 20 million investment. Following the purchase from the ship owner EOS, the flat top barge has been converted into a 120 m by 33 m cable layer at the PaxOcean shipyard in Singapore. Renamed Ulisse, she now has […]

  • 2 May 2016
    Research & Development

    Norwegian ship designer and shipbuilder Ulstein has introduced a new design for a cable laying vessel featuring an in-house developed Cable Arch system. The LX109 vessel combines the Ulstein Cable Arch system with open top vessel design, resulting in a total of 12,500 tonnes of power cable that can be laid as one single piece, […]

  • 30 April 2018
    Business & Finance, Project & Tenders

    Italian subsea cables specialist Prysmian has selected Vard, a Fincantieri shipbuilding company, for the design and construction of its new cable laying vessel. The contract value, including owner supplied special equipment, amounts to approximately € 170 million (approximately NOK 1.6 billion). The specialized vessel for advanced subsea operations, is intended to be the most capable cable […]

  • 11 April 2017
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    NKT Cables has taken delivery of the cable-laying vessel from Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven. The build number 372, previously known as ABB Victoria, is part of the acquisition of ABB HV Cables business which was wrapped up in March 1, 2017. The 140 by 30 meters vessel, based on a 306 CLV design from Salt Ship Design was ordered by […]

  • 4 May 2017

    NKT has held a naming ceremony for its new cable-laying vessel, the NKT Victoria, at the power cable plant in Karlskrona, Sweden on Thursday. The cable-laying vessel was delivered by Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven to NKT in April. NKT Victoria is capable of laying high-voltage offshore cables with high precision based on DP3 (Dynamic Positioning) capability […]

  • 25 June 2019
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Project & Tenders

    Norwegian VARD has contracted Hydroniq Coolers to deliver a hull-integrated seawater cooling system for a cable laying vessel the shipbuilder is designing and building for Prysmian. Under the contracts, Ålesund-based Hydroniq Coolers – formerly named Sperre Coolers – will deliver its Hydroniq Rack seawater cooling solution that will be integrated in the hull below the […]

  • 11 March 2015
    Business & Finance

    On March 7, Jan De Nul’s (JDN) new multipurpose vessel, named Isaac Newton, hit the water from slipway No. 2 at the Uljanik shipyard. After launching a few barges, this was the first launch of a large vessel for the Croatian shipyard in 2015.  Furthermore, Isaac Newton is the first DP2-class dynamic positioning vessel that Uljanik is working on. The […]

  • 17 February 2016

    IHC has secured an order for a power cable plough, destined for DeepOcean’s new cable installation vessel ‘Maersk Connector’. The equipment comprises a 3.3 meter trench depth power cable plough, a sea state 5 LARS and tow winch. The 300 kW jetting system has been designed in close collaboration with DeepOcean. DeepOcean’s Maersk Connector, designed […]

  • 2 June 2017
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    ELA Container has recently delivered an ELA offshore multipurpose room to VBMS, which will be used on board its cable laying / multipurpose vessel MV Ndeavor, built and outfitted in 2013 by Boskalis. After delivery of the multipurpose room to the VBMS warehouse in Moerdijk in The Netherlands, the container was transferred to a control room to […]

  • 18 September 2015
    Business & Finance

    Swiss power and automation technology group ABB has ordered a custom-built cable-laying vessel from Kleven shipyard in Norway. The new ship will be 140 meters long and 30 meters wide and is expected to boost the capacity of ABB’s submarine cable operations while achieving greater efficiency and precision. Delivery is expected in 2017. “This next-generation vessel incorporating state-of-the-art ABB technologies […]

  • 24 October 2019

    Prysmian Group’ new cable laying vessel, Leonardo Da Vinci, is set to get new battery power class notation developed by RINA. The vessel will be added to the group’s cable laying fleet in the second quarter of 2021. The new vessel is being built by Vard, a Fincantieri company, at one of its shipyards in […]

  • 1 July 2014
    Business & Finance

    Van Oord’s new DP2 cable-laying vessel Nexus was successfully launched at Damen Shipyards in Galati, Romania on 30 June 2014. The 123 m multipurpose vessel will be deployed installing electrical cables for offshore wind farms. With a beam of almost 28 m and a dynamic positioning system, Nexus vessel will be equipped with a huge […]

  • 25 July 2016

    Pirates have attacked a cable laying vessel during operations in the Red Sea on Friday, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) informed. Sixteen pirates in two skiffs armed with AK47 and an RPG reportedly approached and fired upon a cable laying vessel. The master of the vessel activated ship security alert system (SSAS) and raised the […]

  • 6 September 2013

    Van Oord has ordered a new cable-laying vessel. The ship will be built at Damen Shipyards’ wharf in Romania and will be completed at the end of 2014. The ship is intended for the installation of electricity cables for offshore wind parks. Van Oord is making preparations for the Gemini wind park project which will […]

  • 18 September 2015

    ABB has ordered the an advanced cable-laying vessel to boost the capacity of its submarine cable operations while achieving greater efficiency and precision, the company reported today. The new ship will be custom-built to ABB specifications and measure approximately 140 by 30 meters, will be constructed at Kleven shipyard in Norway. Delivery is expected in 2017. […]

  • 1 September 2016
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, Project & Tenders

    Topaz Energy and Marine has renewed its contract with ABB for the specialized cable laying vessel Topaz Installer. Under the terms of the contract, the Topaz Installer will provide ABB with cable-laying services in support of wind farms in the North Sea for a period of one year plus options of at least 12 months. […]