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  • 12 September 2007

    Despite cod stocks in UK waters being at risk, fishermen are being forced to throw thousands of tonnes back into the sea dead while Iceland, an important supplier to much of Western Europe, is cutting the amount of cod it catches because of concern over falling stocks.

  • 17 October 2006

    Every year since 2001, the European Union’s scientific advisers have urged a complete halt to cod fishing in the North Sea. Every year European fisheries ministers have discarded the advice, and set quotas ranging from 49,000 tonnes in 2001 to 23,000 tonnes in 2006.

  • 8 June 2007

    Europe’s seas are in a ‘serious state of decline’ as a result of coastal development, overfishing and pollution from agriculture, warn scientists. The continent’s regional seas will deteriorate even further unless action is taken to curb the threats, they add.

  • 22 September 2014
    Business & Finance

    The Antwerp Port Authority has launched a brief survey for potential LNG users in order to inform the future constructor about the facilities that the station must offer. The Port Authority hopes to get input on questions such as which types of customer the facility must serve, and whether the user/operator has a preference for particular technologies. […]

  • 22 February 2019
    Business & Finance

    Wind energy provided 14% of the EU’s electricity in 2018, which is an increase from 12% in 2017, according to statistics by WindEurope. Last year, wind power capacity rose by 11.3GW in Europe, with 2.65GW offshore and 8.6GW onshore. According to WindEurope, continued growth in capacity and the use of more powerful turbines are helping to increase wind’s share […]

  • 29 September 2015
    Business & Finance

    Tim Cornelius, CEO of tidal energy developer Atlantis Resources, has taken a seat on the Board of Directors of Ocean Energy Europe by becoming a Lead Sponsor of the organisation. Following its acquisition of Marine Current Turbines earlier this year, Atlantis Resources now owns one of the largest and most diverse portfolios in the business, […]

  • 2 February 2006

    Costa Crociere SpA, the leading cruise operator in Europe, will be offering cruises with departures from Dubai starting December in a marketing move which is unprecedented in the global cruise industry.

  • 23 September 2015

    The European Commission debated the EU’s upcoming strategy for LNG and gas storage at a conference.

  • 2 October 2011

    NGVA Europe published a new statistical update for the NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) development in Europe and worldwide, showing a strong market development in the world of 12% compared with mid 2010, only 5% for total Europe, but 9% for the EU & EFTA countries. There are now 1,4 million methane powered vehicles pan-European, thereof […]

  • 25 November 2014
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Technology, Vessels

    The EU’s TEN-T Programme will co-finance with over €1.5 million the construction of the first in Europe hopper barge powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Hopper barges carrying sand dredged from ports are most often using conventional, more polluting fuel than accepted by the European regulation for future shipping services (2050 onwards). This project is […]

  • 17 October 2014
    Business & Finance

    Europe’s major port operators have shot down the latest EU proposal to shift investments to peripheral ports in the Mediterranean, saying that the allocation of EUR 12 billion (USD 15.3bn) funds should not be motivated by geopolitics and cohesion policies. European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion (ESPON) proposed an European investment policy to interlink second-tier cities […]

  • 15 October 2014
    Business & Finance

    The newly appointed Secretary General of the European Shippers’ Council (ESC), Nik Delmeire, called the new European Commission to reduce existing trade barriers in the European Union at ESC’s general assembly meeting held in Brussels on Monday, October 13th. Delmeire’s said his main goal was to put shippers, who are at the heart of the […]

  • 19 March 2014
    Business & Finance

    The Netherlands has remained the largest maritime freight transport country in Europe since 2010. At 543 million tonnes, the volume of seaborne goods handled in Dutch ports in 2012 represented 14.6 % of the EU-28 total. The Netherlands was followed by the United Kingdom (UK) and Italy, with shares of 13.4 % and 12.8 %, […]

  • 17 February 2020
    Business & Finance

    Wind energy provided 15% of the electricity in Europe in 2019, however the current rate of installation is not enough to deliver the Green Deal, according to WindEurope.

  • 19 February 2014

    IEA executive director Maria van der Hoeven recently pointed out the importance of Europe’s investment in grid and market integration if it wants to remain at the top of renewable energy business. She will speak further at the opening of the EWEA 2014 Annual Event on 10-13 March, which will focus on how wind energy companies […]

  • 27 January 2015

    Wood Mackenzie’s European upstream research team have assessed the most significant events of 2014 impacting Continental & Mediterranean Europe’s (all of Europe excluding UK and Norway) oil and gas sector, including the Ukraine Crisis and the collapse of global oil prices, identifying the key areas to watch this year.   James Webb, Manager for Continental […]

  • 21 February 2014
    Business & Finance

    The first ships have yet to arrive, but already there is plenty of activity amid the sand and the dunes. Rotterdam, Europe’s biggest port, has just reclaimed 2,000 hectares of land from the North Sea to expand its gateway by a staggering 20%. Reduced to rubble during the Second World War, Rotterdam quickly blossomed in […]

  • 23 October 2014

    Centrica chief executive Sam Laidlaw spoke at the FT European Gas Summit in London about the downward shift in wholesale gas prices and the consequent benefits for European consumers and businesses. He pointed to longer term causes for the price change: new supplies such as US shale coming on stream, new LNG projects delivering them to […]

  • 5 June 2014

    The President of the Republic of Croatia, attended a working lunch in Warsaw celebrating the 25th anniversary of Poland’s first free elections since the Second World War. This was the perfect opportunity to present the country’s potentials in a push to diversify Europe’s energy sources. The President was reportedly referring to LNG project as well […]

  • 20 July 2016
    Business & Finance, Environment

    The post-2020 renewable energy directive must act as a spine for the renewable energy target and hold Member States to account, Europe’s renewable energy industry said in a joint statement.

  • 19 August 2013
    Business & Finance

    ABP’s Port of Southampton has been ranked the most productive port in Europe and the number one performing container terminal in the UK, according to an independent industry study. Based on confidential data charting more than 100,000 port calls at 400 ports during 2012, the analysis from the Journal of Commerce (JOC) put Southampton’s productivity […]

  • 23 December 2019

    Boskalis has secured a multi-year contract for the maintenance dredging in the port of Rotterdam.