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  • 29 April 2016

    Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has grounded all EC255 type helicopters in Norway following an incident that happened on Friday when a helicopter carrying workers from Statoil’s Gullfaks B platform crashed off Bergen. Eleven people have been confirmed dead, with search and rescue ongoing for the remaining two. The aviation authority issued a safety directive limiting operations […]

  • 13 April 2018

    Helicopter operator CHC Helicopter has named two helicopters on the Karratha airport.

  • 23 July 2012
    Business & Finance

    Statoil has awarded CHC Helikopter Service AS three new helicopter contracts, including offshore flights from Kristiansund and Brønnøysund, as well as the search and rescue helicopter stationed on the Heidrun platform. Statoil needs to have four transport service helicopters in Kristiansund, two in Brønnøysund, one search and rescue helicopter on Heidrun, as well as a […]

  • 5 February 2016
    Operations & Maintenance

    Following a two-day flight trial in late January, the H145 helicopter has proved its operational capabilities for offshore missions. Airbus Helicopters reported today that aviation companies Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH and HTM Offshore have tested its twin-engine multipurpose helicopter H145 in all the relevant fields of offshore operations. The flight test programme included missions such as approaching […]

  • 8 May 2019
    Business & Finance

    Helicopter pilots serving the UK offshore oil and gas industry have voted for strike action over a pay dispute.

  • 3 August 2015
    Operations & Maintenance

    Airbus Helicopters has delivered the first H135 to HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH for offshore wind operations, marking a new milestone for the enhanced version of Airbus Helicopters’ lightweight rotorcraft previously known as the EC135 T3. The H135 is well adapted to the full range of offshore operations, benefitting from the helicopter’s excellent performance, especially in […]

  • 16 July 2015

    Bristow Helicopters, a UK-based offshore helicopter operator, will reduce its workforce after failing to reach its cost reduction targets through other means. In an e-mail sent to Offshore Energy Today on Thursday, the helicopter operator revealed it would lay off around 130 employees, also citing severe cuts in oil & gas market activity. Bristow employs around 1950 […]

  • 15 June 2015

    Sikorsky, a manufacturer of helicopters for, inter alia, offshore oil and gas industry, could be sold or spun off from its parent company United Technologies Corp. In a statement issued today, United Technologies said it will pursue the separation of the Sikorsky Aircraft business from United Technologies, subject to final Board approval. This announcement follows a […]

  • 4 March 2019
    Ports & Logistics

    Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (HTAWS) are set to be upgraded to give pilots between 6 and 30 seconds of additional warning of a potential collision with an obstacle, terrain or water, according to HeliOffshore. Plans to implement the upgrades have been formulated as a result of HeliOffshore’s collaborative efforts involving aircraft manufacturers, operators, and regulators, […]

  • 24 September 2018
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    Airbus Helicopters views the support for wind farms as a business segment that is undergoing global growth and expects demand for up to a thousand helicopters over the coming two decades, corresponding to revenues of approximately EUR 9 billion.

  • 19 January 2018

    CHC Helicopters has held a ground-breaking ceremony of a $6 million redevelopment project of its Aberdeen facilities.

  • 1 June 2016
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    German-based WIKING Helikopter Service has signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters for the delivery of two H145 helicopters in offshore configuration at the international aerospace exhibition ILA in Berlin. The H145s will become the first Airbus helicopters to join WIKING’s fleet. The company currently operates a fleet of Sikorsky and AgustaWestland aircraft. According to Airbus, delivery of the […]

  • 19 June 2019
    Business & Finance

    Offshore helicopter transportation company Wiking Helikopter Service has ordered two AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopters from Leonardo.

  • 8 August 2018
    Human Capital, Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics

    HeliOffshore, a safety-focused association for the offshore helicopter industry, has formed a new work group to focus the implementation of its safety strategy with regard to offshore wind farm support.

  • 30 August 2010
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    Statoil has awarded Bristow Norway a 10-year contract for three helicopters to fly from Flesland heliport in Bergen from 2012. Taking effect on 15 January 2012, the contract involves the use of three brand-new Sikorsky S92 helicopters, in addition to a new hangar and office facilities at Flesland. The contract has a value of more […]

  • 19 April 2011
    Business & Finance

    Statoil has awarded Bristow Norway a new contract for offshore helicopter services running from Stavanger Airport, Norway. The estimated value of the contract is over NOK 1 billion. All installations with helicopter flights from Stavanger will be served under this contract. Statoil’s helicopter flights from Stavanger go to the Sleipner, Draupner, Volve and Glitne fields […]

  • 1 August 2019
    Business & Finance

    Offshore oil and gas helicopter transportation specialist CHC is looking at potential merger or acquisition.

  • 11 December 2015

    A helicopter owned by CHC, a provider of offshore helicopters for offshore oil and gas industry, on Thursday requested a priority landing in Aberdeen. According to a statement by Step Change in Safety, a CHC helicopter landed safely at Aberdeen Airport at 10.15am on Thursday. The aircraft was inbound and, after a cockpit indication, the crew […]

  • 18 September 2017

    Oil companies Statoil and Eni have jointly awarded Bristow a contract for one SAR helicopter, and one transport helicopter, which can be converted to a SAR helicopter when needed. Both are Sikorsky S-92 helicopters. Each contract has a duration of five years with options to extend by up to three years. The two helicopters will serve […]

  • 3 June 2016

    After Norway this week extended the no-flight ban on all Super Puma EC225LP (H225) helicopters, to include the Search and Rescue and medical missions as well, the UK has followed suit. To remind, the ban on all EC225LP flights in UK and Norway was introduced shortly after the fatal accident in Norway on April 29, […]

  • 19 June 2019

    Leonardo has recently signed a contract for two AW169 light intermediate helicopters with Belgium-based helicopter service provider NHV Group.

  • 24 April 2014
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    Douglas-Westwood forecasts $24 billion in expenditure on offshore helicopter services between 2014 and 2018, a 57% increase in comparison to the preceding five-year period. Western Europe will continue to account for the largest share of global expenditure, driven by both the extensive North Sea infrastructure and the preference towards using large helicopters. Although Western Europe […]