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  • 22 December 2016

    The Shipowners’ Club gave its members tips on how to be prepared for potential bunker quality dispute claims which have lately been on the rise.  The dispute claims, related to the delivery of allegedly off-specification or contaminated bunkers, have ranged from variation in the parameters of the bunker supplied to presence of contaminants. These claims […]

  • 19 February 2015
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    A mutual shipping insurance association The Shipowners’ Club has warned its members to exercise caution and undertake enhanced due diligence when entering into new fixtures with unknown charterers, especially those that involve trade to countries where sanctions may apply or where there is limited judicial redress. If a new charterer or fixture is not properly vetted […]

  • 13 July 2016

    Following the publication of OECD’s “The Ocean Economy in 2030” report, which shows that the offshore wind market will see strong growth by 2030, Danish Shipowners’ Association has called for extending sailor tax for wind turbine vessels, so that Denmark can maintain its leading position in the field. The prediction from OECD economists that the number […]

  • 8 October 2018
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    European shipowners have called for decisive actions against unfair trade practices.

  • 13 July 2016

    Following the publication of OECD’s “The Ocean Economy in 2030” report, which shows that the offshore wind market will see strong growth by 2030, Danish Shipowners’ Association has called for extending sailor tax for wind turbine vessels, so that Denmark can maintain its leading position in the field. The prediction from OECD economists that the number […]

  • 10 April 2015

    Norwegian shipowners have reported a downward shift in shipowner expectations for growth in turnover in 2015. As shown in 2015 Maritime Outlook report by the Norwegian Shipowners Association (NSA), only a 2.3 pct profit increase is expected by Norwegian shipowners in 2015 from NOK 262 billion to NOK 268 billion. This is markedly less optimistic than expectations […]

  • 7 July 2016
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    As global world trade protectionism is on the rise, European shipowners have called for a strong EU external maritime agenda, according to a study by the European Commission’s Trade department. The study, which gives an overview of protectionist tendencies and main trade barriers in some of the EU’s key economic partners, shows that 200 new protectionist measures […]

  • 20 May 2020
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    Norwegian Shipowners’ Association has unveiled a new strategy whose goal is for the entire Norwegian fleet to be climate neutral by 2050.

  • 10 March 2016

    The Port Regulation, adopted on 8 March in the plenary of the European Parliament, has little to no impact on the market access to ports from a shipment’s point of view, according to the Danish Shipowners’ Association. On the same day, the EU Parliament voted for the Knut Fleckenstein’s report, previously adopted by the Transport (TRAN) […]

  • 9 October 2014

    European shipowners have urged EU Member States to adopt a clear, long-term and above all harmonised position on the issue of the discharges of washwater produced by open-loop scrubbers installed on ships. “Scrubbers are devices that use water to wash unwanted substances from an exhaust gas stream” The EU Sulphur Directive requires that, as of 1 […]

  • 29 May 2015
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    The merchant fleet sailing under the Danish flag has become bigger than ever reaching 14.6 million tonnes GT – or 16.6 million dead weight tonnes (DWT) in April 2015, according to the Danish Shipowners’ Association. In January 2014 the gross tonnage was 12.3 million GT. The increase comes despite great pressure the global shipping market has been […]

  • 20 June 2014

    European shipowners are calling for the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers to endorse a joint European Commission/European External Action Service (EC/EEAS) Communication, which outlines global actions to safeguard maritime security. “We commend the European Commission as well as the European External Action Service for taking into account the specificities of the shipping industry […]

  • 30 March 2016

    2016 is to be an extremely difficult year for many segments of the maritime industry, says the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association in its yearly outlook report, anticipating weaker profitability, job losses and tighter capital access.  “Expectations for developments in the capital market through 2016 are largely negative. Almost no shipowners anticipate improved capital availability, and 55 […]

  • 4 December 2014

    The Danish-flagged merchant fleet has grown 13 per cent since the beginning of 2014 measured in GT and is now bigger than ever with 13.8 mill GT and 15.9 mill TDW distributed across 647 vessels, according to Danish Shipping Statistics for November 2014. Danish Shipowners’ Association said that the growth has occurred despite a weakening […]

  • 10 February 2015
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    Bocimar International NV, CTM (C Transport Holding Ltd), Golden Union Shipping, Golden Ocean Group and STAR BULK CARRIERS have announced the formation of a new joint venture company, Capesize Chartering Ltd. The joining of forces comes as neither of the parties owns, controls or manages sufficient Capesize vessels to provide competitively priced bids and efficient […]

  • 15 August 2017
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    SITC Shipowning, a subsidiary of SITC International Holdings, has placed an order for four more containerships at South Korea’s shipbuilder Dae Sun. The company informed that it decided to exercise options for the construction of two container vessels, which were a part of an earlier placed vessel order. Additionally, SITC entered into new shipbuilding contracts […]

  • 30 March 2017
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    Some 90% of Norwegian shipowners find the offshore wind industry as interesting for their activities in the future, according to a diagram published by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.

  • 28 May 2015
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    Danish shipping companies did well in 2014 despite very difficult market conditions. However, 2015 started off with the lowest freight rates ever recorded and a massive overcapacity in many segments, Danish Shipowners’ Association said. Positive economic trends emerged in Europe – the primary region for Danish shipping companies’ trade – in the beginning of 2015. […]

  • 10 December 2015

    European shipowners unveiled on Tuesday 16+1 proposals to highlight the industry’s point of view and priorities ahead of the upcoming review of the EU shipping policy in 2017 by the European Commission. “What we really want to show Transport Commissioner Bulc is that our proposals tie in with the Commission’s broader policy objectives. There are […]

  • 13 June 2018
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    European shipowners concerned about Italy’s policy of refusing migrants to enter its ports.

  • 24 August 2011
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      The Australian Shipowners Association (ASA) has welcomed the news of COAG’s agreement for a single national maritime jurisdiction. “The COAG agreement will put an end to decades of juggling multiple jurisdictions and dealing with the complexities and difficulties inherent in that” said Ms Teresa Hatch, ASA’s Executive Director. “We are very pleased that Federal, […]

  • 28 November 2012

    Greek shipowners seem to be continuing with their shopping spree of second hand bulk carriers . Two vessels, CURIA and MAHA AVANTI, became property of Greek shippers last week, Lion Shipbrokers said in their latest Weekly Report. Namely, 51,029 dwt modern supramax CURIA has been sold for USD 13.9 million. The vessel was built in […]