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  • 30 September 2015

    In a low barrel price environment, everyone is always looking at ways to reduce costs. The Technical Session: Supply Chain Optimization which takes place at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015 in Amsterdam in October, looks at best practices in cost reductions, discussing both the role of technological innovation and the potential of new business […]

  • 19 April 2016

    Singapore owners control nearly 2,000 deep-sea going vessels with a total value of USD 35.4 billion, what makes Singapore a leading nation when it comes to vessel ownership in USD terms per capita, according to valuation provider VesselsValue. The total value of USD 35.4 bn is equal to USD 8,000 invested in shipping per person […]

  • 20 February 2017
    Exploration & Production

      Offshore Energy Today has recently shared several, very informative and interesting articles written by David Carter Shinn, a partner in the offshore rig brokerage firm Bassoe Offshore. We’ve now decided to pick his brains on one of the subjects that matter most to the offshore rig owners – be it the big guns, or […]

  • 31 January 2018

    Greece remains on the throne of the top shipowning nations by value whose combined fleet is worth USD 516 billion.

  • 22 July 2016

    The regions of Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and France-Belgium were the best negotiators in terms of vessel buying activity between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016, according to the first Country Overview Report issued by VesselsValue (VV). A ‘good negotiation’ could be assessed by comparing the difference between the VV Market Value on the day […]

  • 2 April 2019
    Business & Finance

    VesselsValue: Five publicly listed owners grew their combined fleet value by nearly USD 5 billion in a year.

  • 10 July 2018

    Orders for liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers surged in the first half of this year as compared to the same period in 2017. According to the data by VesselsValue provided to LNG World News, 22 LNG vessels worth $3.97 billion have been ordered in the first half of this year. This compares to eighth LNG […]

  • 6 February 2017

    VesselsValue, a website providing intel on offshore and shipping world including the valuations of the various kinds of vessels, has now expanded its coverage to offshore drilling rigs.   Offshore Energy Today has interviewed VV’s Head of Offshore Miles Cole to learn more about the service, how they come up with value estimates for rigs, […]

  • 5 February 2019

    LNG demand growth over the last year has spurred an uptick in activity throughout the LNG markets resulting in higher rates, a rising number of newbuild orders and record volumes of chilled fuel on the water.

  • 5 May 2017

    Twenty-one new ships were ordered on a global level during the month of April, according to a monthly market report released by Vessels Value.  When compared to April 2016, newbuilding orders have decreased by 27.6 percent. Out of 21 orders placed in April 2017, five were for bulkers and sixteen for tankers. Bulker orders have dropped […]

  • 17 October 2017

    The third quarter of 2017 saw the highest level of total tanker deadweight tons (DWT) sold for scrap in any quarter since 2010. Some 4.98 million DWT or 2.69 million gross tonnes were sent for demolition during the quarter, according to the data compiled by VesselsValue. This equals to 40 tankers being sold for recycling during the […]

  • 10 July 2018
    Business & Finance

    VesselsValue: Enthusiasm for ship orders has started to wane after over USD 10 billion were committed in 1Q of 2018.

  • 5 October 2018
    Business & Finance

    VesselsValue: Value investors still have plenty of opportunities to buy prime aged assets at a discount.

  • 6 February 2019

    Growth in liquefied natural gas tanker orders from the Greek shipowners has put the country top of the list in terms of fleet value that has topped $100 billion in 2018. 

  • 7 December 2016
    Business & Finance

    The top five consolidated container fleets are currently worth USD 33.4 billion and account for 33% of the entire container fleet, according to the latest data provided by VesselsValue. The report on the top five fleets, including the Moller Maersk AS/Hamburg Süd, China COSCO Holdings Co, CMA CGM/ APL, Hapag-Lloyd/ UASC/ CSAV, MOL/ NYK Line/ K Line, was compiled […]

  • 4 July 2019

    The number of liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier orders slipped by 39 percent during the first half of 2019, compared to the same period last year, data from VesselsValue shows. 

  • 19 May 2016
    Business & Finance

    UK-based vessel valuation provider VesselsValue has introduced a new division, VV Offshore, with the aim of providing instant valuations and geographical information system (GIS) database of the offshore structures to the industry.  The introduction of the offshore division has been prompted by the market need for offshore vessel valuation in particular having in mind the recent market […]

  • 31 October 2017
    Business & Finance

    The shipbuilding industry has handed over only a half of the 2,440 vessels which have deliveries dates scheduled for 2017, VesselsValue unveiled the data. Out of the scheduled deliveries, only 1,220 have hit the water so far this year, meaning 50% of the 2017 orderbook is outstanding as the final nine weeks of the year approach. VesselsValue […]

  • 9 January 2018

    Three second-hand vessel types are expected to see a considerable increase in value over the coming year.

  • 29 July 2015

    Opting for a job at sea may turn out to be rewarding at times as it offers the opportunity to venture out into the open seas and get to know the world. However, seafaring is not an easy task as seamen face various challenges on daily basis, including various types of incidents at sea that […]

  • 11 May 2017
    Business & Finance

    Greek shipowners placed the highest number of newbuilding orders so far this year, as these companies ordered a total of 35 new bulkers and tankers since the start of 2017, according to VesselsValue. Globally only 119 orders have been placed. Greece leads the way, followed by the US with 14 new contracts and Singapore on the […]

  • 31 March 2016

    As the pains of the dry bulk market protract into this year as well owners feel propelled to delay deliveries of their fleet additions as they struggle to find decent rates for the existing fleet units. This is particularly hurting Capesize owners who have pushed half of their Capesize newbuildings scheduled for delivery in the first quarter […]