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  • 5 October 2016
    Business & Finance

    German automotive manufacturing company Volkswagen Group plans to charter two liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered vessels from 2019 for vehicle shipment between Europe and North America. To be chartered from shipping company Siem Car Carriers AS, the two vessels, which would feature a length of 200 meters and a width of about 36 meters, will have a capacity of about 4,500 vehicles. The […]

  • 15 June 2018
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Project & Tenders

    ION Geophysical has announced the second sale of a number of its highly differentiated optical magnetic heading sensors to enable subsea vehicles to quickly reach their desired destinations. In the fourth quarter, field trials demonstrated the advanced compasses’ accuracy and robustness in GPS-deprived environments and led to delivery of the first commercial order in the […]

  • 2 March 2011
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, Research & Development

      Latest energy report – Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) in the Energy Market 2011-2021 – examines in depth one of the most powerful and exciting areas in the offshore oil and gas industry; an industry which is seeing a profound movement towards deep sea development. ROVs and AUVs are a […]

  • 11 April 2016

    Damen Dredging Equipment has delivered dredge pumps and valves, fitted on the remote operated deep sea mining vehicles, which will be deployed on Nautilus Minerals’ Solwara 1 project offshore Papua New Guinea. The UK-based company, Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD), designed and built three Seafloor Production Tools (SPTs) for the project. The first machine, the Auxiliary Cutter, has been fitted […]

  • 21 January 2014

    Recently relevant regulatory changes affecting the approval of vehicles using LNG have been introduced. The adoption of amendments to United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation 110 now allows LNG vehicles to be fully certified and represents a major breakthrough for gas-powered mobility. The modified regulation comes into force in July 2014 when Contracting […]

  • 5 February 2007

    All 53 vehicles left on an Isle of Man ferry which collided with a cargo ship on the River Mersey have been removed. None of the 294 passengers and crew were seriously injured when the Sea Express One collided with the Alaska Rainbow in fog on Saturday morning.

  • 13 February 2020
    Equipment, Project & Tenders

    Northrop Grumman has signed its first non-exclusive agreement to manufacture niobium-based connectors, the NiobiCon, a new way of making electrical connections underwater. NiobiCon enables power transfer and data exchange underwater without using seals, oil or moving parts. This technology was developed to address the inefficient recharging of unmanned vehicles in underwater environments. When the niobium […]

  • 10 June 2019
    Business & Finance, Equipment, Research & Development

    Kraken Robotic Systems has established a new 4,000 square foot facility named the Unmanned Maritime Vehicles Facility (UMVF). The UMVF is located at the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Kraken’s Handling Systems Group has already moved into the new location and will continue to build Kraken’s Tentacle Winch and […]

  • 30 November 2018

    A vehicle carrier has been ordered to leave New Zealand waters following the discovery of stink bugs.

  • 7 December 2016
    Business & Finance, Research & Development, Technology, Vessels

    Seatrec has completed seed round of financing to further develop a power supply for underwater systems that generates electricity from temperature differences in the ocean, known as the TREC Battery.

  • 30 October 2017
    Business & Finance

    Indian Minister of Shipping has called upon all automobile manufactures to use coastal shipping mode for transporting their vehicles. Shri Nitin Gadkari, the country’s Minister of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways and Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, informed that, besides saving time, coastal transport will also be more cost effective and environment friendly. The […]

  • 16 March 2018
    Equipment, Project & Tenders

    UUV Aquabotix has sold a Hybrid underwater vehicle to the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM). The government-supported geological marine institute will utilize the Hybrid and its technology for ongoing geoscience and energy research in the Korean waters, the company informed. “We are excited to provide KIGAM with the means to achieve its […]

  • 26 September 2016
    Business & Finance

    German-Danish ferry operator Scandlines has seen an increase in the number of transported vehicles during the high season in 2016 following the delivery of its new hybrid ferry the M/V Berlin in May. Following delivery, the new vessel, which combines traditional diesel power with battery power, was put into service on the Rostock-Gedser route. Featuring a space for […]

  • 12 June 2015
    Business & Finance

    One million new motor vehicles have passed through the port of Zeebrugge this year, positioning this Belgian automotive hub to match or possibly surpass last year’s number of 2.2 million vehicles handled in a year. The growing traffic in the automotive sector has prompted the port authority to make further investments, in hopes of regaining the title of […]

  • 18 June 2020

    Australian robotic arms developer Blueprint Lab has rolled out its Reach Bravo electric manipulator for inspection class ROVs. According to the company, the first orders are shipping to its pre-release customers in July 2020 this year. The system is highly versatile, Bueprint Lab says. It comes as a single-function grabber or tilt unit up to […]

  • 5 June 2020
    Infrastructure, Safety, Vessels

    Several people were injured in an explosion on board Höegh Xiamen, a Norway-flagged vehicle carrier, near Blount Island, Jacksonville, USA, on 5 June.

  • 11 March 2020
    Research & Development, Technology

    Ocean Power Technologies, Modus Seabed Intervention and Saab Seaeye are working on a new solution for carbon-free subsea autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) residency – long-term, persistent deployment without support from manned vessels. This novel system is designed for carbon-free autonomous offshore operations with the OPT PowerBuoy power and communications platform at its core. Via an […]

  • 23 April 2013

    UPS today announced the accelerated growth of its alternative vehicle fleet with plans to purchase approximately 700 liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles and to build four refueling stations by the end of 2014. Once completed, the LNG private fleet will be one of the most extensive in the U.S. “LNG will be a viable alternative […]

  • 20 September 2013
    Business & Finance, Equipment

    Fraunhofer AST, a developer of innovative and practical solutions for the power and water supply industries, researches on autonomous underwater vehicles and hardware and software design of embedded systems, is looking for an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) through a tender procedure. The AUV’s multi-beam echo sounder is required to have the following properties: – Number […]

  • 18 December 2014

    The Seabed Excavator, a multipurpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle, developed by Swire Seabed, is capable of working at 2500 metres water depth.  The video shows Seabed Excavator vehicle in action. The system is delivered with a Kongsberg Evotec active heave compensated LARS system, and the vehicle can be launched and recovered in wave heights […]

  • 30 July 2015
    Business & Finance

    Höegh Asia made the maiden call at the Horizon Terminal, the newly built Vehicle Facility at the Port Freeport, Texas, USA, on June 29. The terminal is operated by Horizon Terminal Services LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norway’s Höegh Autoliners Logistics AS and has been developed between Horizon Terminals and Port Freeport. Per Folkesson, […]

  • 13 May 2014
    Equipment, Research & Development

    Chart Industries released a new compact liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle system.The length of the new vehicle fuel tank system is reduced by about 4.5 percent for the 2015 model year. This compact option is available in 26 inch diameter horizontal vehicle tanks – the industry standard size. In addition to a smaller external size with […]