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After a career of nearly 30 years in the banking sector, Hans made a resolute career switch and is now fully dedicated to the subject of sustainability. With several board positions that are mainly focused on offshore wind related topics and innovation (TKI-WoZ, CAREER, NVDE, Offshore Wind Innovators), Hans is predominantly known as Chairman of the Netherlands WindEnergy Association (NWEA). This branch association with more than 300 members unites the wind sector in the Netherlands and accelerates the transition towards a renewable energy supply by spurring businesses and governments to invest in wind energy.
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Riding the Winds of Change In the past year one of the main topics on the NWEA agenda has been the new Dutch climate agreement that aims at reducing CO2 emissions with 49% by 2030. Wind energy has a prominent role in achieving this goal, provided that we now focus on setting up a solid framework to align the demand & supply side. Hans will elaborate on some highlights during the past years and give an outlook on the challenges to come.

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