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Joost Lasschuit is director at Rolloos, a system integrator that provides innovative CCTV and analytics solutions for hazardous environments. Lasschuit obtained his master's degree in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. During his master study, he founded Lyceo, market leader in the field of final exam training in The Netherlands. After a successful exit, Lasschuit and his business partner acquired Rolloos in 2015 to transform this established third generation family-owned company into an offshore innovator. Rolloos supplied CCTV, connectivity and analytics solutions to over 300 offshore installations world-wide. Most of the major drilling contractors and oil companies are among Rolloos’ clients.
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Wednesday 24/10/2018
Master Class with Rolloos
Offshore Red Zone Monitoring: Turning technology into a service An offshore drilling rig can be a dangerous place to operate. Heavy equipment is moving around, but people are still required to perform specific jobs in the same area, so-called red zones. The industry-wide goal to minimize risk and increase situational awareness of crews challenges system integrators like Rolloos to come up with both technologically and operationally sound solutions that contribute to the safety of the workers on the rig. Rolloos is introducing a Red Zone Monitoring solution, an advanced video analytics driven platform to inform crews about the human activity in specific dynamic red zones. As a third-generation family business we have extensive experience in engineering and implementing CCTV systems world-wide. With the Red Zone Monitoring platform we need to also offer the required consultancy and support models to provide the platform as a service. During the Master Class we will engage participants in which business strategy – both commercially and operationally – we should choose.

9.00 - 11.00
Hall 3 Room 2
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