Pieter Verhoeven Senior Consultant DNV-GL

About Pieter Verhoeven

Pieter Verhoeven has a background in mechanical engineering and business administration. For DNV GL Pieter is the digitalization facilitator for Oil & Gas region CEMEIA and part of the global Pipeline incubator. For DNV GL, Pieter is pioneering digital technologies with the aim Safeguarding life, property and the environment. Presentation title: Technical Session; Asset Integrity Abstract: The EU Offshore Safety Directive (OSD) was the trigger for DNV Gl to re-think IVB service delivery. Helicopter flights offshore and long working days add up to significant costs and safety risks, while the use of new technologies could potentially be just as effective. DNV Gl will share learning from the use of real-time remote video connections during IVB pilots offshore connecting a surveyor onshore.
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