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Stijn Santen holds an MSc in chemistry and chemical engineering at the University of Amsterdam and has worked for 18 years in Shell lately as global business manager CO2 before starting his company CO2-Net B.V. in 2005, a strategic consultancy boutique for governments and businesses. The focus of his activities is developing innovative solutions for large scale energy efficiency and CO2 reduction projects in energy intensive industries and the energy sector via connecting the interfaces of technology, finance and business models. He is the architect of the first commercially successful CO2 pipeline projects; Shell-Omya (1998) and Shell-OCAP (2005). He acted as visiting professor at the Oil & Gas University of General Electric in Firenze, Italy in 2005 and 2006 and published his vision on innovation in “Managing technology and innovation” by Routledge Publishers. From 2006 till 2009 he developed and implemented the 50 % CO2 reduction strategy for Rotterdam leading to the development of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative. In 2009 he developed with international SPE colleagues the global SPE workshop on CCS in Austria with the purpose of creating global standards for CCS. From 2009 till 2011 he was partner in the European program CO2Europipe on CO2 transport networks. In 2012 he led the EU CO2 transport working group in the European Zero Emission Platform ZEP together with National Grid. In 2014 he presented a TEDx talk at The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) on global sustainability via energy efficiency. In 2017 he analysed the energy efficiency market for the Dutch government and subsequently developed a financial approach to raise management priority for energy efficiency investments. Currently, he supports the branch organisation of technology suppliers FME to stimulate industrial energy efficiency investments in innovative technologies for energy intensive industries.
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