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Posted: 2 months ago

UK and the Offshore Energy in the North Sea

In this energy talk, Chris Fox, Head of Europe and Offshore at the UK Department for Business, Energ...

Posted: 2 months ago
Posted: about 1 year ago

Magallanes Tidal Device Powers Up UK Grid

Spanish tidal energy developer Magallanes Renovables has generated its first electricity into the UK...

  • Research & Development
Posted: about 1 year ago
Industry Contribution

Faccin Wind Towers Division: a reliable partner for your wind energy project

Faccin Group created a Wind Towers Division within the company. Why? Eng. Andrea Comparin: “Ac...

Posted: 23 days ago
Industry Contribution

Maritime Insurance Market Update, Q3 2020

‘Clients, advisors and insurers are in the same boat.’ Effective cooperation is necessary to keep ri...

Posted: about 1 month ago
Industry Contribution

It’s all about power flow

Integration of renewable energies on a ship – and in other island networks Interview with Jero...

Posted: 3 months ago
Industry Contribution

“ETICA IP” ROV & USV a staunch green ally for the blue economy indystry & ocean sustainability

By Ioana Laura Grigore. Our concept of blue economy & ocean sustainability in offshore industry ...

Posted: 2 months ago