Talk Shows

The offshore energy sector is changing. Developments like the energy transition and the need for sustainability are reshaping the industry. In four talks shows OEEC 2021 will discuss this transformation, each based on a statement. Together the four OEEC Talk Shows will highlight the different facets of an industry in change.

  • An Energy Mix Demands Collaboration
    The world needs to shift away from fossil fuels to an energy mix dominated by low-carbon sources of energy. The offshore energy industry will concentrate itself on the mix of oil, gas, wind, solar and marine energy. To make the most of the new energy landscape collaboration should be the top priority. But is the industry ready to really make it together?
  • A Changing Industry Means Changing People
    When it comes to the energy transition, people in the industry need to change their skillset but also their mindset. Individuals change only when they have to, or when they want to. How about our industry? Are the people in the offshore energy industry also in transition? And what needs to be done to make this transition of human capital a success?
  • Renewables Are Not the Only Solution
    Will renewables get us climate-neutral in Europe by 2050? Or should we look at other solutions to curb climate change? Think of carbon capture, geoengineering, energy efficiency and nuclear energy. And what about climate adaptation?
  • Energy Transition; Who Leads the Dance?
    Talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words. Who takes the first real step towards a sustainable future? As an industry we are in the spotlight when it comes to the energy transition. Are we following or leading in this transformation? What is the role the governments? What do the front runners of the energy transition have the world to offer? And how about the role of the consumer?