Turkish and Dutch Maritime Cooperation in Progress

The rapid growth of Turkish ports and maritime sectors creates interesting opportunities for bilateral co-operation between Turkish and Dutch maritime companies. New product-market combinations in the fields of sustainable shipping, port development and fleet renewal can lead to mutual benefits and growth.

Turkish and Dutch Maritime Cooperation in Progress22

Mr. Keller, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Turkey: “We have invested many years in our maritime friendship. Now it is time to act in the area of maritime infrastructure and sustainable shipping“.

The study ‘Maritime Turkey: Market Research’ was presented to the ambassador by mr. Terry van Velzen, chairman of the ‘Maritime Hotspots Commission Istanbul’ and Director business development at Imtech Marine BV. The market study is a publication from Maritime by Holland, the Dutch maritime network organisation, supported by the Dutch government.

The report describes the impressive growth of the Turkish maritime transport sector, as well as new opportunities for Dutch engineers and consultants, manufacturing industries and logistic partners in this emerging and promising market. It gives new insights into the double digit growth of the Turkish ports sector, its privatization processes and government dynamics as well.

The market study was officially presented yesterday, Monday January 20th, in Rotterdam. At the ceremony, Mr. Van Velzen added that there are many opportunities to modernize the Turkish shortsea shipping fleet. “Together we can take a great step forward by investing in a sustainable and innovative, LNG-electric driven fleet. This will not only prepare the fleet for new ECA environmental regulations for emissions (Nox/Sox), but in addition also reduce the fuel costs significantly for the operator. Last but not least, it will help the Turkish shipbuilding potential to export this innovative design to Russia and Western Europe.

Maritiemland, January 22, 2014




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