Advertorial: ROV Support for Viking Cable Route Survey

By Arne Eriksson,
Eriksson Diving AB

Eriksson Diving AB was subcontracted by Fugro Survey Ltd to undertake the ROV subsea inspection of all cable and pipeline crossings, for the proposed cable route off the new HVDC cable in between Denmark and the UK.

Eriksson Diving utilized its SAAB Sea Eye Panther XTP ROV with LARS and TMS.

The ROV was installed on the M/S Meridian with a full survey suit with dual Reson 7125 MBES, Octans Gyro, doppler, altimeter, SVP and the TSS 440 pipetracker for detecting buried cables/pipelines along the cable route.

The ROV system had zero downtime during the project. Eriksson Diving have previously been subcontracted by Fugro,for providing ROV support for the Sea Lion cable route survey (Finland-Germany), UXO part where the Sea Eye Surveyor plus was used to inspect approximately 100 UXO targets along the cable route.

Eriksson Diving has previously also been subcontracted by Fugro for the near shore pipeline inspection of the Nord Stream pipeline, using the Surveyor plus ROV with TSS 440 and CP equipment.

Disclosure: This article was produced by Eriksson Diving ABĀ and does not necessarily reflect the view of Subsea World News. No member of the editorial team took part in creation of this advertorial.