About us

Navingo BV

Connecting the maritime and offshore world for sustainable solutions

With media and events, Navingo brings together the world of maritime and offshore energy. In the age of climate change our industry needs sustainable solutions. We believe that happens when the right ideas and people fall in place.

Network with the right people

We bring people together and help you expand your network and find new partners. With our events and media we provide access to every corner of the maritime and offshore world.

Insight into the industry

With a wide variety of content and media, we bring insight into the various niches of the maritime and offshore world.

Talent to the right place

With our network we match companies with employers, but also help people to advance in their current careers. Bringing someone to the right place sometimes means finding a new company, but other times it means developing new skills.


Our team combines media expertise with a rich history in the industry. We have content creators and editors as well as account and project managers. This allows us to provide scalable media solutions for a specific industry. We are a platform for individuals and provide our corporate clients access to talent, insight and exposure.

Content Advisory Board

The Conference Advisory Board advises the organization and programme manager of Offshore Energy, both solicited and unsolicited, about contemporary topics and interests in the offshore energy industry in the areas of innovation, development, financial aspects, energy transition and human capital. Find out more about the Content Advisory Board.

Commitee of Recommendation

The commitee of recommendation of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference consists of involved prominent captains from the offshore oil and gas, energy and maritime sector. Find out who the members of the Commitee of Recommendation are.